It’s easy to be envious of others who have exciting or even unusual jobs, but it’s even easier to be jealous if the job is abroad.


1. Beer Taster

A job we are sure many men out there would happily wake up in the morning for. However, there is much more involved then being able to handle your drink! An adept palate is required for the technologists who are hired to check the quality of the beer. You will often find beer tasters/experts as judges at beer festivals with some of the best being in Germany.

2. Any job in New Zealand?!

Supposedly moving to New Zealand and getting a job could be one of the best things you could do if you’re thinking of moving abroad as around 80% of people say their work-life balance improved greatly since moving to the country.

3. Professional Sleeper

Might seem too good to be true for some or even impossible but in actual fact there are jobs out there which allow you to sleep and get paid for it. It’s generally for university studies on dreams and sleep, though is often used to test beds are comfortable.

4. Chocolate Consultant

A dream job for any chocolate lover, although similar to a beer taster it does involve a little more then tucking in to a tasty bar of chocolate!

5. Island Caretaker

This job was actually advertised in 2009 as “Officially the best job in the world” which involved working for the Queensland Tourism Board. The job was to promote the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef to the world. A guy called Ben Southall was lucky enough to get the job with a salary of just over £70,000, who was able to live and explore the island for 6 months.

Some of these you might not have even realised existed and admittedly some are rather unusual! If you have an exciting or unusual job abroad let us know on Twitter, we’d love to hear all about it and share it with others!