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Considering moving your family and shipping to Australia for a new, “down under” lifestyle on the sunshine coast? We specialise in removals and shipping to Australia, we can help you to get the best start in your new home. Moving to Australia post Covid-19 can be a hassle given the current climate, however we can assure you that your move will be carried out as smoothly as possible.   Read on for information about our services to Australia, finding a job in Australia, getting a visa for Australia, the process for buying a house in Australia, understanding custom regulation in Australia.

Moving to Australia offers individuals and families countless benefits: a great climate, scenic beaches, modern conveniences and great employment and cultural opportunities.

Moving to Australia Post Covid-19

Established in 1884, John Mason International Movers has seen the world around us change and as a business we continue to evolve to ensure we deliver a first-class moving experience. Today we are one of the UK’s largest international removals companies, moving around 10,000 people each year. We can guarantee that if you are planning on moving to Australia post Covid-19, we can make the process far easier for you.

Moving to Australia post Covid-19 can seem to be something that seems near impossible given the current circumstances. Considering recent advice from the Government and the British Association of Removals (BAR), we can confirm that John Mason International is fully operational. However, the safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority, therefore we have introduced several new safety measures to ensure we are ‘Covid Secure’. Our international removals remain to be in place, and we have ensured that our process remains as safe and sound. International removals to Australia are still a viable opportunity despite the current pandemic, and we can assure you that we are here to ensure your move “down under” will be smooth. If you are looking to find out more information around moving to Australia post Covid-19, you can read more in our guide here.

International removals to Australia

Australia is truly full of beauty, and with so many stunning cities reside in, you might find yourself spoilt for choice! Whether it’s the sunshine coast that reels you in, or the views of the sea, moving to Australia really can open a whole new world of opportunities. Let us not forget the endless amount of cultural diversity that resides in Australia! With its fair share of benefits, opportunities and beautiful views is never a miss when considering moving to Australia. If you’re looking to move to Australia, then our international removals service can ensure your move is more than efficient!

Prior to moving, be sure to consider the variety of legal regulations that encompass moving to Australia. For those who are interested in finding an international removals service, John Mason are here to ensure you can have the best start in your new home. Whether you’re looking to move to Australia for a career change, fresh start, or simply fancy a change in environment for a long period, then our overseas removals service can ensure you have the best start. With John Mason, your move abroad is guaranteed to be full proof, and thanks to our overseas removals service your move will be a smooth one. Our experienced international removals team are on hand to assist with any questions or queries you may have. Be sure to get in touch with us here.

Removals to Australia – Shipping Options

Our moving services generally include a number of different options depending on how much furniture is to be moved. This includes services to Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Exclusive Use / Full Container Load (FCL) Service: If you are shipping your belongings in your own exclusive use container (known as a Full Container Load [FCL] service), the transit time is approximately between 8-10 weeks door to door. Container shipping to Australia through the FCL option is recommended for a full house removal. This allows you to have sole exclusive use of a 20ft or a 40ft steel shipping container. As a rough guide, the contents of a three bedroom house usually fit into a 20ft container.

Shared Container / Groupage Service: If you have less than a full container load, you can ship your belongings to Australia using our groupage service. This is essentially a shared container service. If you aren’t shipping enough to fill a 20ft container, you can split the cost with other consignments. This is a cheaper option for many people who do not want to ship their whole house or are trying to keep the costs down for their move. The approximate transit time for a shared container / groupage service is between 10 and 12 weeks door to door depending on the destination in Australia.


Removals to Australia – Guideline Pricing

It is generally cheaper shipping to Australia than it is to replace belongings. You can get an estimate of the cost of overseas removals to Australia by using the Move System, John Mason International’s Instant Online Quote generator. The Move System allows you to compare the cost of shipping items compared to replacing the furniture and household effects upon your arrival overseas.

If you’re moving to Australia and would like a quote, follow the link above (top right hand corner of the page) to our Move System. You can also contact us to arrange a free home survey to obtain an official quote for your relocation to Australia. Our international move team are committed to offering stress free international removals services from the quote stage, through to the move itself.


Moving Your Money to Australia

The easiest way to move your money to Australia is via electronic transfer from your bank account in the UK to an account in Australia.

You should be able to open an account with an Australian bank before you emigrate. The transfer will be done using the bank’s normal exchange rate.

Alternatively, you can move funds from your bank to a currency exchange specialist. This is particularly beneficial if you are transferring a large sum of money as you can get a better exchange rate. Ensure that the specialist is reputable with solid experience in the industry.

Container Shipping – Shipping a Car to Australia

If you would like to ship your car to Australia, we can include the cost as part of your quotation. You can either ship your car within your own exclusive use container or as part of our shared container service. Simply tell us the car make and model so that we can work out the volume to be included as part of the shipping. See more information on car shipping to Australia.

Moving a Pet to Australia

Only cats and dogs can be imported to Australia. This is done under strict conditions designed to manage biosecurity risks.

Generally, all we need is between one and six weeks’ notice (depending upon the nature and destination of your move) and we’ll arrange everything needed for your pet′s travel plan. Our pet relocation team are all animal lovers, and treat customers’ pets as if they are their own. Read more about moving a pet to a different county.

Customs and Quarantine Requirements in Australia

Australia’s Department of Agriculture have issued strict quarantine regulations concerning the importation of food and plant and animal materials into Australia. This is to prevent pests and diseases from entering the country to protect the natural environment of Australia. Your shipment may be delayed if you include such items in your consignment and items may be seized and destroyed by Australian quarantine. Items which have been in contact with soil are also subject to strict regulations and customs clearance. To remove all traces of dirt and soil, the following items must be cleaned and disinfected:

  • Outdoor items including outdoor furniture, golf clubs, golf shoes, bicycles, outdoor children’s play equipment – in summary, any item which has had contact with the ground outside, must be cleaned to remove visible dirt and also disinfected.
  • Shoes: the soles of shoes must be cleaned thoroughly and sterilised.

Australian customs form B534

Clothing, furniture and personal items being imported into Australia by cargo through air, sea or international mail are considered Unaccompanied Personal Effects (UPEs) and will be subject to an Unaccompanies Personal Effects B534 Form.

This declaration of goods is slightly different to an Import Declaration and aids swift clearing of UPEs from customs control.

Download the UPE B534 Form

What Can’t I Take to Australia?

The Australian Government controls the import of certain goods into the country. If you’re wondering what you can’t take to Australia, here’s the list of prohibited goods:

  • Though moving a pet to Australia can be straightforward, dogs with dangerous breeds are prohibited. These include Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa, American pit bull terrier or pit bull terrier, Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario and any other related breeds.
  • Psychoactive substances that have the capacity to induce psychoactive effects. These include synthetic drugs or substance known as illicit drugs.
  • Uncanned meat products including preserved meat

See more on what can’t I take to Australia or for additional peace of mind contact one of our move specialists.

Finding a Place to Stay in Australia

Moving to Australia means it’s essential to find a long-term accommodation. A permanent address enables you to set up a bank account and will look better on your CV when applying for jobs. There are a number of options you can choose from including:

  • Long term hostel accommodation – find a hostel that caters for long term residency. This is a good choice for people that don’t mind sharing toilet and kitchen facilities
  • Sharing a rented property – this is a popular choice for those looking for long-term accommodation without much commitment. It provides a stable yet affordable environment
  • Travellers houses – this is for those who would prefer not to commit to a lease agreement. As the name suggests, the house are specifically for travellers and prices include utility bills

Buying a House in Australia

Buying a house in Australia is an exciting prospect because there are so many wonderful locations to choose from including properties near the beach or exciting city life when moving to Sydney or Melbourne. There are many important factors to consider including:

  • Getting a visa for Australia
  • The legal process of moving to Australia – you can find out more by downloading the Australia Buying Guide
  • Financial considerations when emigrating including currency exchange, tax planning, mortgages etc.
  • Finding a job in Australia

Getting a visa for Australia

You can apply for a permanent Australian visa after you have lived for two years in a Specified Regional Area and worked, including being self-employed, for one year in these same areas. Alternatively, it can be obtained through sponsorship under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

If you are being nominated by a participating state or territory government, you are expected to live in regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan area.

Finding a job in Australia

To obtain a visa, it is crucial to find and secure a job in Australia. There are an abundance of opportunities in the country with high salaries for those that have qualifications and experience. Professionals in the medical, engineering and legal fields are particularly sought after. Therefore it could be a great opportunity for those in the UK struggling to find work in competitive fields.

Import to the UK

Imports to the UK from Australia entails various legal requirements and regulations that need to be met. The process of importing to the UK can be costly at times, and as a result, can leave you feeling unsteady. John Mason not only provide an effective service in international shipping removals, but also in imports to the UK.

If you are looking to import your possessions from Australia to the UK, then John Mason can certainly provide. Our expert international removals service team can provide a diligent and thorough service through start to finish. Whether you are looking to Import your personal belongings to the UK or wanting to import business related goods to the UK, our importing and removals service will enable you to do so. For more information surrounding imports to the UK, be sure to get in touch with the John Mason team here.

Further Information

Australian Customs Form: B534-AUSTRALIAN-CUSTOMS-FORM

Download information on How to complete B534 Form

Download information on Completing Australia Customs Guide

Please see Australian quarantine information here: What Can’t I Take to Australia.

Packing materials and planning: Packing Services

Please note that regulations can change on a regular basis so please contact us if you require further information regarding your move to Australia. A full Customs Guide to Australia is available upon request.

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