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Specialists in Shipping from the UK to the USA

As a well established company with several years of experience in shipping to the US and other worldwide destinations. We can handle your move in a professional and friendly manner. At John Mason, we provide a complete international removal door to door service including full export packing and loading. This is carried out at origin, shipping, customs clearance, delivery and unpacking at destination. We can also provide storage at both origin and destination locations.

There has never been a better time to consider relocating from the UK to the USA. The country can provide great opportunities for emigrants from the UK and offers the chance to live in a culturally diverse society.

Moving to the US Post Covid-19

Established in 1884, John Mason International Movers has seen the world around us change daily. As a business, we are continuing to evolve to ensure we deliver a first-class international removal service, making your move to the US and other countries as seamless as possible. Fast forward to today, we are now the UK’s largest international removals companies, moving around 10,000 people internationally each year. We can guarantee that if you are planning on moving to the US, post COVID-19, we can make your international move far easier.

Moving to the US post COVID-19 can feel daunting due to the current circumstances. However, considering the Government guidelines in addition to the British Association of Removals (BAR), we can gladly confirm that we are in fact fully operational. The safety of both our customers and employees, is our number one priority. Therefore, we have introduced several new safety measures to ensure we are Covid Secure. The international removals service to the US remains to be in place, and our process remains to be safe and sound! International removals to the US are a viable opportunity despite the current pandemic, and we can assure you that your move will be smooth sailing.

International removals to the US

Moving to the US has its fair shares of benefits. From being full of work opportunities, to some fantastic locations offering a stunning variety in culture, moving to the US can be filled with opportunity. For emigrants relocating from the UK, moving to the US entails a great amount of cultural diversity. This stunning country truly does offer so much more than simply a new start, and if you are looking to relocate to the US, then our international removals service will ensure your move is efficient.

Be sure to take into account the variety of legal regulations that encompass moving to the US, prior to moving. Whether you’re planning on moving for career opportunities, or simply for a fresh start, our international removals service will provide all you need to make your move a smooth one. Our experienced international removals team are on hand to assist with any questions or queries you may have. Be sure to get in touch with us here.

Visa Requirements – International move to the US

Before considering your move to the USA, research your visa requirements carefully. There are plenty of online sources for reliable information including the US Customs Office. Having all your documentation in order will make your move a lot easier.

Shipping to the USA using a provider with a proven record such as John Mason International will ease your mind and mean that your transition to America goes a lot more smoothly.

International move to the US – Cities

The country is as large as it is diverse. The North Eastern corner, referred to as New England, is home to large population centres. Cities such as New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Boston offer strong markets, cultural diversity, and countless activities. Enjoy snow in the winter and cool down during the hot summers at the beach resorts. This distinctive area will be a fantastic place to reside within the US when considering your international move! Most especially if you are a fan of the city life, teeming with culture and vibrancy.

Looking for a warmer climate with a smaller population density? Consider any of the South Eastern states. Many states border the ocean and offer miles of pristine beaches and barrier islands. Although primarily rural, larger cities like Charlotte, Atlanta and Miami offer a full complement of cultural possibilities. The South Eastern states offer a quieter style of life, with potential to unwind and relax, making for an ideal place to move to within the US!

Another vast region to consider when moving to the USA is the Midwestern region. Nicknamed America’s “Heartland,” the terrain is flat, vast, and expansive and provides domestic and international foodstuffs. Agriculture, predominately corn and wheat, is the major industry. The Midwest is also home to America’s domestic oil production, primarily located in Texas.

America’s west coast also offers many favourable attributes for the emigrant. Large cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles offer employment and a wide array of cultural actives. Citrus groves and vineyards dot the California landscape in contrast to “Silicon Valley,” which is the country’s technology hub. The state of California alone accounts for 10% of the country’s GDP. Consider your next international move to the US, to California if you’re looking for a commercial buzz.

Regardless of where you decide to locate, you’re sure to be close to one of America’s National or State Parks. Construction and preservation for many of these parks began during the Great Depression of the 1930s. America’s parks receive millions of domestic and international visitors annually. A holiday spent at beautiful Yellowstone for example will provide a lifetime of memories.

Education in the US

America also offers many of the finest universities in the world. From the renowned “Ivy League” schools, including Harvard and Yale, to the many state-run institutions including MIT and UCLA, American universities produce many of the world’s leaders in medicine, science, and engineering.

Employment in the US

The US equally offers many benefits for someone considering relocating from the UK. Whether you are seeking a change a climate, new scenery, or employment or educational opportunities, you’ll find it in the USA.

US Immigration Requirements

Research the immigration requirements, gather your documentation, and submit the required forms. Choose a reliable and experienced company for an enjoyable move.

Shipping Options to the USA

Full Container Load Service (FCL)

For a full house move, a Full Container Load (FCL) service is recommended. The FCL service allows you to have exclusive access to your own 20ft or 40ft container which is loaded and sealed at your property in the UK. As a rule, the contents of a three-bedroom house will fill a 20ft container Groupage / Shared Container Service

Our Groupage service to the US means that you can benefit from reduced shipping costs if you have fewer items to ship. A groupage service is essentially a shared container service and is used by many people who do not have enough household goods to fill a whole container.

Guideline Pricing for Shipments to the USA

To obtain a ballpark figure for your move to the USA, you can use our Move System, an online quote generator which will let you quickly get a price for your move. Furthermore, you can compare the cost of shipping versus replacing an item and see the cost to ship individual items.

Follow the link above (top right-hand corner of page) to obtain a shipping quote. Alternatively, contact us to arrange a free home survey to obtain an official quote for your move to the USA.

Customs Requirements

Due to the US Bioterrorism Act, food products and alcohol cannot be included in shipments to the USA.

Please note that regulations can change on a regular basis so please contact us if you require further information regarding your move to the USA. A full USA Customs Guide is available upon request.

Import to the UK

When trying to import to the UK from the US, there are a variety of legal regulations that need to be met. This can lead the general process of importing goods to the UK, daunting at the best of times. Not only can imports to the UK entail certain legal and tax regulations to be carried out, but the overall process can be costly. John Mason provide not only a cost effective international removals, but also an import to the UK service.

If you are looking to import your belongings from the US, to the UK, then John Mason can most definitely provide. At John Mason, we have an expert international removals service team that can provide you with an effective service through start to finish. Whether you are looking to import your personal possessions to the UK, or business-related goods, our import to the UK service will prove sufficient. For more information surrounding imports to the UK, be sure to get in touch with the John Mason team here.

More about The USA

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British nationals can relocate to the US via several options, including employment-based visas, family-sponsored visas, investor visas, participation in the Diversity Visa Lottery, obtaining student visas, and engaging in exchange visitor programs. Each of these pathways comes with its own set of qualifications and procedures for application. Staying up-to-date with evolving immigration regulations is crucial, and seeking advice from knowledgeable professionals here at John Mason can provide accurate guidance throughout the process.

Relocating to the USA without a job can be challenging, but there are options available. One of the options to consider involves entering on a tourist visa, though this allows only a limited stay and no work authorisation. Another promising route is enrolling in and attending a U.S. educational institution on a student visa. This pathway may offer opportunities for limited on-campus employment and Optional Practical Training in the US post-graduation. There are many other visa pathways that do not hinge on a permanent job offer, we recommended to thoroughly investigate these options to determine the most suitable visa based on your individual circumstances. It’s important to factor in the diverse legal regulations surrounding a move to the US before making any decisions. Whether you’re aiming to relocate for career prospects or a fresh beginning, our international removals service provides comprehensive assistance to ensure a seamless transition. Our knowledgeable international removals team is available to address any inquiries you may have.

The cost of moving to the USA can vary depending on a variety of factors such as, transportation method, distance, and relocation specifics. Expenses to consider include visa and immigration fees, travel costs, shipping and transportation methods, housing costs (including deposits and rent), cost of living variations across regions, healthcare and insurance costs, immigration and legal fees, and miscellaneous expenses like driver’s license fees. It’s crucial to thoroughly research and plan your move while considering these factors to create a tailored budget. Additionally, you can use our Instant Online Quote generator, to obtain a ballpark figure for your move to the USA and compare the cost of shipping versus replacing items. For a more accurate quote, you can arrange a free home survey through our services. For further guidance, explore our expert online moving guides.

Before considering your move to the USA, it is important to research your visa requirements carefully. There are plenty of online sources for reliable information including the US Customs Office. Having all your documentation in order will make your move a lot easier. At John Mason International Movers, we can provide expert advice on visa requirements for moving to the US and guide you through the process. Our experienced Move Managers are on hand to assist with any questions or queries you may have and can help ensure that all necessary documentation is in order before your move. We understand that the visa application process can be daunting, which is why we aim to make this process as stress-free as possible for our customers.

John Mason offers two main shipping options for moving from the UK to the USA. The Full Container Load (FCL) service is recommended for those who are moving the majority of their household contents. With FCL, you will have exclusive access to your own 20ft or 40ft container which is loaded and sealed at your property in the UK. As a general rule, the contents of a three-bedroom house will fill a 20ft container. Alternatively, our Groupage service is ideal for those who are not taking a large volume of effects with them. A few shipments are ‘grouped’ together, which means that you can split the freight costs between other consignments. This option is usually less expensive for shipping small or part house consignments. Our experienced Move Managers can provide expert advice on which shipping option would be most appropriate for your move and guide you through every step of the process.

When planning your move from the UK to the USA, there are several important factors you need to consider. Firstly, ensure that you have the appropriate visa and immigration documents in place, given the complexities of the U.S. immigration system. Research and understand the cost of living in your chosen American city or state, including housing, healthcare, and daily expenses, as they will likely differ from the UK. Health insurance is crucial due to potentially high medical costs, and this isn’t a common expense in the UK. If you’re moving for work, research job opportunities and the job market beforehand, if you haven’t already secured a position.

Deciding whether to rent or buy a home requires careful consideration, including neighbourhood and school options for families. We recommend taking some time to acquaint yourself with American social norms and customs. If you have school-age children, familiarise yourself with the U.S. education system. Our team of international removal specialists at John Mason are always on hand and happy to help with any questions that you may have.

Our Accreditations

As one of the leading providers of overseas removals and relocation services on a national and international scale, we pride ourselves on offering a professional and friendly service. We have been recognised as one of the leading international moving companies and are proud of our credentials and the quality standard they represent. In 2023, we became the most trusted moving company in the UK.
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From start with Michelle to finish with Gill the level of service was excellent. John Mason and its international partners handled my move from Devon to Australia seemingly effortlessly. I couldn't ask for better.

Devon, UK to Perth, Australia –April 2023

Absolutely one of the best movers I have worked with. Pleasant helpful admin staff and the delivery drivers were absolute angels sorting and moving the boxes where I asked them to. Arrived exactly when they said it would.

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