Removals Insurance – tin-pot policies or a serious risk to your wealth?

Moving overseas is not a decision that could ever be taken lightly. Relocating your work, your family, your whole life, is a literal upheaval that takes meticulous thought and planning from the initial idea right through to building that new life elsewhere. On top of the emotional strain there is the logistical one – trying to mastermind your employment, your home, your family and plan for every possible eventuality along the way can be all-encompassing and a daunting task unless it’s well managed. You will have considered the risk of the job not working out, the family not settling, the inevitable delays on accommodation etc but what about the peril that is your worldly possessions not making the transit from your old life to the new?

Home comforts
While some people will be relocating fleets of vehicles, precious antiques and worldly effects amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds, there are others who might not have possessions of anywhere close to that value. But by neglecting to secure the appropriate insurance for the assets you have, you place unnecessary risk to those invaluable home comforts that could make all the difference between a successful move and a stressful one.

You will have the option of taking a policy via your chosen removal company and there are various third-party providers offering the same type of cover – at face value. The boom in online businesses, price calculators and comparison tools has seen a rise in customers choosing to shop around for the lowest price, or best deal for their insurance, but this is a specialist industry where one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. You see deals claiming to undercut the competition and provide more for less but when you drill down to the minutiae are you placing your hard-earned possessions in the safest pair of hands?

Consider the ‘what ifs’
Why should you take insurance out on your relocation? When it comes to the crunch, you have chosen to transport those belongings and pay for them to move with you. Therefore, you must consider them a crucial part of your new life. Why then take the risk that, should anything happen, you’ll have to replace it all or start all over again? Secondly, accidents and mistakes happen in all walks of life. No matter how good your removals company is. Sometimes things happen that are beyond everyone’s control. Your shipment will be traveling around the world on the water and the ocean can be very unpredictable at times.

Take a look at this link:
This was a freak accident at Pakistan’s Karachi Port, where two cargo ships collided resulting in 55-60 containers ending up at the bottom of the ocean.

Remember that different policies respond in different ways. Allow yourself to consider the ‘what ifs, items becoming damaged beyond repair or not arriving in a useable or acceptable state. Ask yourself could you afford the expense – and time – to replace everything you’re shipping if the worst does happen? And whether it’s really worth dicing with that risk?

Ask the right questions
Even if they are a household name in home insurance make sure you ask the right questions.
– Do they offer door to door or just door to port cover?
– Do they provide storage insurance to protect your goods even when they’re not on the move?
– Are they a marine or international transit specialist or would they not be known in the industry?
– Ask yourself (and them if you’re serious) what is their area of expertise, do they cover against the specifics of your relocation?
– Is there a lump sum option or flexibility of cover?
– What is the claims timeframe?
– Are there options to tailor the policy with cover extensions?
– Is there storage cover and if so, how long is it for?

Ask the experts
International moving expert John Mason International offers a variety of specialist cover to make sure your relocation goes swimmingly. Based on your personal choice and value of the load, John Mason International can offer a tailor-fit policy based on a valued inventory, where you declare an insurance value for everything you’re shipping.

John Mason International’s cover is available in three levels; ‘Restricted,’ where the owner covers the total loss of their shipment, ‘Standard,’ which covers all risks except the mechanical and electrical derangement, pairs and sets and mould and mildew options. And ‘Ultimate,’ which covers all risks plus optional extensions.

Whichever type of insurance you settle for, remember there’s a reason you’ve chosen to transport these belongings. You wouldn’t take out a ‘throwaway’ policy for holiday, car or life insurance, so if you’re serious about relocating, make sure you give each part of your move serious, individual consideration to ensure you’ve got every eventuality adequately covered. And give your next move the very best start.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or if you require any assistance with your move.

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