Tips for Tackling Homesickness

A Guide to Dealing with Homesickness when Relocating Abroad

Moving abroad, whether it be for work or personal reasons, can be rather tough. Whilst discovering new cultures, meeting new people and opening yourself up to a world of opportunity is of course exciting, you are leaving behind a life that you might have become quite accustom to. Suffering from homesickness whilst living away for a short or extended period of time isn’t uncommon, in fact, 95% of young people say they miss something from home when they are living away for the first time and 1 in 14 people of all ages suffer from ‘intense homesickness’. However, homesickness can be disruptive and prevent you from settling into your new environment, so take a look at these top tip for tackling it before you move abroad…

Don’t be a Tourist

Of course you must take some time to get used to your new surroundings, visit the most popular sites and explore the attractions the city is know for, but don’t stay a tourist forever. It’s important to find the places you feel most comfortable in, that feel most natural to you, to find your niches and your cliques. If you’re into your running, find a route you love, similarly, if you’re a foodie, find a favourite restaurant. It’s important to start to feel at home.


Take a Break from Technology

Whilst it’s wonderful we have so many ways to stay in touch with our families and friends via technologies such as Skype and Facebook, spending too much time using these devices can cause homesickness to worsen. By all means, stay in touch with your loved ones, but if you find that you are continuously checking in back home, it might be time to take a break. If you’re constantly seeing what your friends and family are doing at home you’ll naturally start to miss them and feel as though you are missing out. So, put your phone or laptop away and go and do your own thing!


Do as the Locals Do

If you try too hard to recreate the life you had back at home, then you’ll only feel more homesick when it doesn’t quite go to plan in a new country. Instead, try embracing the local culture! Try local delicacies, drink at local bars, adopt their customs – whether that be sleeping in and eating late or congregating to celebrate a particular festival. Not only will you learn more about the new country you are living in, but you’ll begin to feel more at home as you are accepted by the locals.

Create a Routine

If you wake up each morning not sure what you’re going to do and where you’re going to go, you might find yourself at a loss and thinking about home. It’s okay to think about home, but if you start longing to be back there it can be a slippery slope. If you’ve got a job it will be easier to start a daily routine, but if you don’t, try to create one. Set your alarm and head to the market at the same time every day, run in the park in the afternoon, cook dinner around 7. These things can not only help give you some direction and momentum, but you will likely start bumping into the same people who soon become your friends.

Discover a New Hobby

It doesn’t have to be something you can only do in that country and wouldn’t be able to do at home, but of course that would help. Discovering a new hobby will help to take your mind off the fact that you are missing home and can encourage you to love your new surroundings just as much as you do your new hobby. Whether it’s photography, swimming, hiking or chess, you will not only be adding to your skill set, but beaming more comfortable in a new and often scary country.

If you’d like more tips on moving abroad or would like to talk to someone who can help you with your move, explore our website or in get in touch with a member of the team today. Remember, moving abroad is an exciting adventure – so make the most of it!

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