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While Prince Edward Island may be the smallest province of Canada, it punches well above its weight for opportunities, history and natural beauty. As the location of the Charlottetown Conference which began the creation of modern day Canada, Prince Edward Island is often considered ‘the Birthplace of the Confederation’ and proudly preserves its heritage in its historic sites and towns. Its beautiful coastline boasts sheltered beaches, idyllic villages and stunning National and Provincial Parks. Expats moving to Prince Edward Island will find a pleasantly relaxed pace of life, friendly communities and the lowest crime rate in Canada. This is also a thriving province with a growing population and healthy economy based on agriculture, food manufacturing, tourism and technology.


City and Town Profiles




Prince Edward Island’s picturesque capital is also its largest city and perfectly combines old world charm with a modern infrastructure. The city is proud of its rich heritage and the quaint Victorian architecture of the city’s downtown area. It is a tightknit, friendly community with an economy driven by the public sector, healthcare and technology. Charlottetown is a popular place where many expats moving to Prince Edward Island set up home.



On the west of the island, Summerside is a pretty harbourside city with a historic waterfront. With good schools, affordable housing and a low crime rate, it is an excellent choice for families moving to Prince Edward Island. It is also an excellent place for new businesses due to the low operating costs and government incentives.




Just across the Hillsborough River from Charlottetown, Stratford boasts traditional architecture and waterfront views. It is the fastest growing municipality in the province and, while it is just a short commute from the capital, the town itself has plenty of employment opportunities in the flourishing retail and service industries.




Its proximity to the capital and the Trans-Canada highway have long made Cornwall a popular commuter town but with a growing population and improved infrastructure, the town is gaining more and more businesses and services of its own. Its friendly, family orientated population enjoy dramatic river views and the pretty walking trails of Hyde Park.


Transport and Getting Around when Moving to Prince Edward Island


The confederation bridge links Prince Edward Island to mainland Canada via the Trans-Canada Highway which runs through the heart of the province and along its southeast coast. It is likely you will need a car if moving to Prince Edward Island as the easiest way to travel around the island is by road and public transport is very limited. There is a regular shuttle bus service from Summerville and Charlottetown to Nova Scotia and between Charlottetown and Cavendish. Charlottetown Airport is the province’s largest with regular flights to Halifax, Montreal and Toronto where you can catch connections further afield.


Leisure Activities and Things to Do in Prince Edward Island


Expats moving to Prince Edward Island have lots of beautiful and interesting places to explore. As the ‘Birthplace of the Confederation’ there are several historic sites across the province such as the fascinating Founders Hall which hosted Charlotte Conference. Prince Edward Island is also the birthplace of LM Montgomery and the setting for her famous novel ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and there are several tourist sites dedicated to the book. In Cavendish, you can visit the replica Anne of Green Gables House and Avonlea Village, a quaint reconstruction of some of the book’s locations. Cavendish is also home to one of the provinces best beaches which is extremely popular with families during the summer months. Explore the islands natural beauty on one of the many scenic coastal drives, including the Points End route which takes in the spectacular north east coastline including Greenwich Provincial Park. You can hike or cycle the stunning Confederation Trail which takes you across the province from its most westerly point to the eastern edge. Visit Charlottetown to experience some of the Island’s gastronomic treats from the foodie delights of the twice weekly farmers market to the traditional lobster suppers served up across the province.


Interesting Facts About Prince Edward Island


– Until 2008 it was illegal to sell carbonated drinks in cans in the province, all beers and fizzy soft drinks had to be sold in glass bottles that could be reused.

– Prince Edward Island’s soil has a distinctive red colour due to the high iron content which oxidizes when exposed to the air.

– The province is proud of its agricultural harvest and produces almost a third of the county’s potatoes.

– As the smallest province Prince Edward Island’s motto is, rather appropriately, ‘Parva Sub Ingeti’ or ‘the small under the protection of the great’


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For further information on moving to Prince Edward Island, have a look at our shipping guide to Canada here: Shipping to Canada or contact us for further advice. 

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