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With beautiful views, high culture and great food, Singapore is quickly becoming a top international moving destination for those looking to escape the monotony of everyday life. In 2010, 14.3% of the 3,771,721 residents of Singapore were from foreign countries. If you are looking for a better quality of life, and a brand new adventure, then Singapore is the place for you!

Employment and Wealth

Singapore has developed a strong and stable economy in recent years. Open global trade, high investment and an efficient regulatory environment have all contributed to Singapore’s economic success. It is a better time than ever to move to Singapore for work. Employment rates are low at 3.3%, with 4.0% 5-year compound annual growth.
According to the World Bank, Singapore’s GNI per capita in 2016 was $9490 more than that of the UK’s. At $51,880 vs. $42,390 respectively, there is a clear financial benefit to move to Singapore.

  • Singapore has a very diverse economy, with the strongest employment sectors being:
    Banking and Finance
  • Communications and Media
    Information Technology

Travel Prospects

While Singapore is a fantastic place to explore, the island is also in an ideal location to travel to nearby destinations.

Malaysia is undoubtedly the closest destination to travel to from Singapore. Malaysia is the perfect holiday destination, with something for everyone. Whether you want to visit the great restaurants of Johor Bahru or the cultural capital of Kuala Lumpur, people of all ages will find something enjoyable about this great country.
The rest of Asia is also at your doorstep. You can visit one of the 17,508 islands of Indonesia, the incredible countries of China, Thailand, Vietnam and many others!! The best thing about Singapore’s location is that you can jet away for a short weekend break to any of these fabulous destinations.

But how easy is it to move here?

You don’t require a visa for tourism, business discussions or social visits of up to 30 days, but to become a resident you must apply for an entry permit. The following categories of people can apply for a permit:
Spouse and unmarried children (below 21 years old) of a Singapore Citizen (SC)/Permanent Resident (SPR);
Aged parents of a Singapore Citizen;
P, Q or S work pass holders working in Singapore;

Foreigners who satisfy certain guidelines can apply for permanent residence by submitting applications through SMC Management Consultants Pte Ltd in Singapore.

Once that you have decided to apply for an entry permit and the application is complete, it is time to work out how to get your belongings there. We can help you set-up a new life in Singapore and transport your belongings from house to house.


How long does it take to move to Singapore?

Putting the preparation aside, here is a guide to the general transit times from the UK to Singapore. These times include the customs clearance and delivery from airport/sea port to door.

Sea Freight – Hiring your own shipping container

All Singaporean Ports – 8-10 Weeks Door to Door

Sea Freight – Shared Container Services

All Singaporean Ports – 16-20 Weeks Door to Door

If you have any questions about this or just want a bit more information, you can always contact us, and we can talk you through the first stages of your move to Singapore.

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