Relieving Your Pet’s Stress When Moving Abroad

Moving is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. This becomes even more stressful when you add in the factor of moving abroad. However, we know – at the end of that stressful period – that you’re going to be starting a wonderful new life in an exciting country, which keeps us all going. Even with our children, you can take the time to explain the process and what’s happening, so they are less stressed when moving day comes around.

When it comes to our pets, though, you can’t sit down and explain what all these changes and uprooting is about. They have no idea that, when all this stressful hassle is over, they too will be enjoying a new life in a new home with their beloved family. So, how can you reduce their stress when you move overseas?

Shower Them with Love Before the Big Day
Dogs and cats are creatures of routine, and they are also incredibly perceptive to our moods. If you are packing up a home and showing signs of stress, this will stress them too. Instead, take the time to shower your pet with affection. That way, your pet will not think that they are the cause of your mood, nor have you stopped loving them in any way.

Get Exercising
If you have a dog, picking up their lead and taking them for a long walk is perfect. Not only will this keep your dog happy, but this type of exercise is also ideal for relieving your own stresses. For cat owners, get out the toys and get playing. Throw toys, run around with a laser pen and swoosh their favourite stick toy.

Both of these activities are especially important before the big flight, as a long walk or heavy playtime will tire out an animal so that they hopefully sleep during a flight.

Get Them Used to their Travel Carrier
Flight-approved travel carriers are more heavy-duty than a regular carrier. To get your dog or cat used to these, leave it out and add treats and toys. If your pet is more comfortable with their carrier, come flight day when they get locked in, they are going to be less freaked out.

Make sure that this carrier is lined with a comfortable blanket. You may also want to add a t-shirt or item of clothing that smells like you, this will reassure your pet that they’ve not been abandoned.

Pay for a Specialist Service
This might be the pricier option, but for a beloved pet, it is worth every penny to ask a professional to take over the moving process for your pet. These agencies will come to you home, collect your pet and even deliver them to your new home in a new country.

These agencies are also experts, knowing the safest times to feed your pet before a flight and tricks to ensure they have water on the flight (such as freezing the water so it doesn’t fall out in transit). Plus, by not being near you when you’re very stressed on moving day, your animal should feel a little more comfortable.

And, remember, everything will be worth it when you’re all enjoying a snuggle and a play in your brand-new home abroad!

John Mason Pets

John Mason International prides itself in looking after the entire family throughout the international removals process. From the youngest, to the fluffiest members, we can help! As a family business, we appreciate more than anyone, that your four legged friend is a much-loved member of your family and our experienced Pet Relocation Division dedicated to providing you with the highest levels of service to ensure that your pet’s move is as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Our aim is simple; throughout the entirety of your removals overseas we want to exceed your expectations and offer the best pet relocation services available.

Generally, all we need is between one and six weeks’ notice (depending on the nature and destination of your move), and we’ll arrange everything needed for your pet′s travel plan.

For overseas removals from the UK, we usually collect pets a day or 2 before their trip and bring them to our facilities close to Heathrow, Gatwick, Glasgow or Manchester airports.  Our vet will then examine them for their Export Health Certificate, which means they are fit to fly.  Our team will take care of all the necessary Exports and Customs paperwork to make sure your pet is all ready to go.

Click here to visit our dedicated pet relocation website and find out more about the process.

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