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Property In New Zealand: What You Get For Your Money

If you’re considering moving to New Zealand, the area that you choose to call home will have a huge influence on what you get for your money. While food and utility costs don’t vary too much between regions, property prices certainly do. And, if you decide to settle in one of the country’s major cities, you’ll be paying a pretty penny for the privilege. 

As of May 2023, the average house in the UK was £285,861. In this article, we’ll take a look at what that figure will get you in New Zealand

Auckland: What does £285,000 get you?

The nation’s biggest city, Auckland, has a booming economy and a property market to match. In fact, houses are so in demand in Auckland that they’re often listed without prices. While you can search for a home in your price range, it’s a guessing game of what the house will actually sell for, as most are listed for auction.

Of the properties currently listed with fixed prices in Auckland, all are 1-2 bedroom apartments within the city.

Tauranga: What does £285,000 get you?

A beautiful city on New Zealand’s east coast, Tauranga is a popular destination for beach lovers and city dwellers alike. One of the fastest growing areas in the North Island, it benefits from a thriving business district and multiple new-build estates. 

Again, with so much interest, many houses are listed for Auction, however, £285,000 is enough to secure you a modern 2-bed apartment or a family home in need of renovation.

Rotorua: What does £285,000 get you?

Rotorua is a hidden gem of the North Island. A popular tourist destination thanks to its geysers, mud pools and vibrant Maori culture, it also has some of the most competitive housing prices for a city of its size. 

For £285,000 you can comfortably find a family home, albeit one that may require a little TLC to bring it up to its full potential. 

Hamilton: What does £285,000 get you?

An inland city perfectly positioned for commuting to Auckland, Hamilton enjoys great transport links and ample job opportunities, with a comfortable city infrastructure that has a large-town feel. 

A university town, some areas attract a higher proportion of students, so be sure to explore Google Street View to get a feel for the neighbourhood before signing on the dotted line. 

Wellington: What does £285,000 get you?

The city’s capital, Wellington, is essentially built on a hill, meaning that parking isn’t always a given, and some homes come with a built-in workout just to get to the front door. Home to New Zealand’s largest museum, parliament building and multiple universities, Wellington is a hub of culture, with a price tag to match. 

You won’t get much for £285,000 in Wellington – other than perhaps a studio apartment or empty plot of land. However, if you can stretch your budget, it’s a great place to live. 

Christchurch: What does £285,000 get you?

In general, houses in the South Island command a lower price than those in the North. And, considering Christchurch boasts all the same conveniences as its northern neighbours, it’s a great choice for those looking to start a new life in the city. 

A 3-bed apartment near the city centre isn’t unheard of in the £285,000 range, so make the most of low-maintenance living and consider Christchurch for your big move.

Invercargill: What does £285,000 get you?

If you’re willing to consider a home in the South, you’ll enjoy much more for your money, albeit a few degrees less on the thermometer. Invercargill has a lot to offer, including free student education at its university, a fantastic ski season and outstanding nature reserves. 

For the cost of an average UK home, you can buy a 3-bedroom detached house with a basement, garage and large rear garden.

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