To begin here is a little breakdown of exactly what 130 years looks like:

Century = 1.3

Decades = 13

Months = 1,560

Weeks = 6,783.07

Days = 47,481.5

Hours = 1,139,555

Minutes = 68,373,370

Pretty impressive to think we have been in business for over 1million hours, which is going up by the hour – quite literally!

Obviously, it’s clear what we have been able to accomplish in this time but here are some little facts on some other things you could do in this time too.

1,139,555 hours is the equivalent of 759,703 football matches. You could also cook 284,888 turkeys in that time weighing between 8-12 pounds. Or fly to Rome in Italy, 455,822 times back-to-back. Or jump in a car and drive from London to Edinburgh back and forth 162,793 (and a half) times.


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