Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Creepy Crawlies in Australia

Just about every one of us has daydreamed of packing up our belongings and emigrating to Australia. There’s gorgeous weather, cute and fluffy animals and BBQs are enjoyed all year round. There’s one problem, though, many of us are terrified of moving to Australia because of all the creepy crawlies, but should spiders and insects put you off moving to this wonderful country?

Of course not! Here’s why:

Insects Become a Fact of Life
There’s no denying that Australia is home to insects and spiders, it’s just a fact that we can’t escape. What you should take comfort in, is the fact that the media and movies can over-exaggerate the problem. No, you won’t wake up to find insects crawling all over you!

Just like in Britain, where we’re so used to rain that we’re surprised when it doesn’t rain, insects become a boring fact of life in Australia. Indeed, after just a few months, the idea of a big moth or bug in your bathroom will be a general annoyance rather than a fear. Plus, many of us already deal with insects in our homes already. The difference in Australia isn’t that noticeable.

Spider Bite Deaths are Incredibly Rare
Okay, so there’s not really that many more insects and spiders, but don’t they kill you? Well, yes, there are dangerous spiders in the country, however, very few people actually die from spider bites due to the anti-venom available.

The two deadly spiders to watch out for are the red-back (found across all of Australia) and the funnel-web spider (found in Sydney and Brisbane). Other spiders such as the mouse spider are venomous, but aren’t as deadly. To avoid bites:

– Shoes should be shaken before trying on.
– Use insect screens on open doors and windows.
– Clothes or towels shouldn’t be left outside on the ground.
– Wear shoes outside at night.
– Wear gloves when gardening.

Keeping Crawlies Out Your Home
If you do fear bugs in you home, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to keep them outside.

You want to make your home as un-bug friendly as possible. One of the best ways to do this, is to ensure no food or crumbs are lying around your home. Any recycling materials should be cleaned properly and worktops washed down with a solution that is one-part vinegar and one-part water, as this will remove food smells.

Dry foods like pasta and biscuits should be kept in an air-tight container.

Regularly hoovering and dusting your home will remove webs and crumbs, making for a house that is inhospitable to spiders. Peppermint oil mixed with water and sprayed around your home is a known deterrent for spiders, too. This is harmless to spiders and other bugs; the smell is just off-putting.

Tea tree oil can be used to keep out ants, while lemon is known to keep mosquitoes out your home.

Overall, yes, there are lots of creepy crawlies in Australia. However, the locals all have numerous tips and tricks to keep insects out their homes. These will all become second-nature in no time, so you won’t really notice the difference and it should never be a reason to stop your dream of moving to Australia!

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