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How To Move Abroad And Save Your Money

Leaving the UK and starting a new and exciting chapter of your life abroad is a dream for many. But to make this dream really work for you, it’s essential to do some research into this often-costly venture and how it can work for your finances.

Wrapping your head around new currency and packing your life up can be a tricky one. With these financial tips and tricks, leaving the UK to start a new thrilling venture will be easier than you may think!

Take your finances online

Using online financial services allows you to manage your money effectively, and really help you make the most of every penny. It would be ideal to keep your bank account in the UK for some time, after relocating.

But be sure to keep in mind that calling your bank from overseas can be costly! This is where online banking comes into play. Electronic bank statements and online banking can help you keep up to date with any changes in your UK based bank, without the fees and effort of paying for overseas calls!

Get the best Exchange rate

An exchange rate is known as the value of one currency against another currency. In this scenario, it would be how the pound performs against the given currency of where you are relocating to!

If you are looking to use a service to transfer your money from pounds to another currency, we advise you take the time to shop around for the best exchange rate, saving you money. Choosing the first immediate service you find could land you in a position of losing money due to the possibility of a lower exchange rate being offered. This is precisely why, researching into the most valuable service can save you money.

You may find that transferring yourself money using a digital money transfer service can be the best way to exchange currency. Keep in mind to still research into the most valuable currency exchange rate and compare accordingly.

Keep your documentation at hand

When arriving to a new (and hopefully warmer) country from the UK, be prepared for mounts of papers and forms to fill out to get your new move set up.

Keeping yourself prepared is vital to ensure your move from the UK goes as smoothly as possible, be that in the form of securing a job, opening a bank account, or finding a place to live. Signing up to utility providers, healthcare providers and more, are also a factor to consider. So be sure to remain prepared by keeping the appropriate documentation at hand.

Official documentation will be required for you to prove your identity, so keeping these with you ahead of your move will prove to be helpful. Without the right documentation, you may face delays, extra expenses, and unnecessary stress.

Documentation that you may require ahead of your international move from the UK include:

  • – Birth certificate
  • – Change of name certificate
  • – School, college and university certificates
  • – Past payslips and bank account statements
  • – Medical records
  • – Passport
  • – Visa
  • – Work permit
  • – Marriage certificate
  • – Tax records
  • – Driver’s license

Prepare your finances for any International Removals expenses

You may find that your move abroad and departure from the UK will mean you need to transport your possessions to your choice of country. We understand that this is an extremely daunting, and sometimes nervous process you will face. From prized possessions to furniture, all the way to your pets, these are just a few areas you will need to decide as to whether you will be taking it with you!

Whatever you decide to take with you when leaving the UK, it is important to recognise that you’ll need to find an appropriate international removals service provider, or import from the UK service provider that you can trust.

At John Mason, we have a vast amount of experience in international removals and import services from the UK. With a variety of customers requiring our reliable services over the years, we have been able to become experts solely in the international removal’s services field, which subsequently has led us to being able to provide an effective service. We consider your possessions as our own, which is why we ensure your possessions are taken care of throughout the import from the UK, to your choice of destination.

Our international removals services to Australia, USA, and New Zealand have enabled us to familiarise ourselves with exactly what our individual customers require. For more information surrounding our import from the UK services, contact us today!

To find out more about international removals to New Zealand check out our ultimate guide to moving to New Zealand.

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