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Reasons to consider moving to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has several advantages for potential expats considering moving to the country. One prominent factor has been the drive to diversify the country’s economy and take focus away from oil. This has proven to create many opportunities for expats and natives alike.

Aside from the career benefits of working abroad, there are many benefits to working and living in Saudi Arabia. With various cities to choose from, each offering a varied lifestyle, climate, and opportunities, Saudi Arabia is as diverse as any other country.


Financial prospects have continued to be a driving factor in expats moving to Saudi Arabia and most definitely sits at being the number one reason. Salaries in the country are tax free, which for many expats moving from the UK, is a huge incentive. With tax often being worth up to 40-50% of an average salary, Saudi Arabia has been primed for its lack of personal income tax.

Retail Shopping

Given the country’s transition away from reliance on oil and gas, Saudi Arabia has begun its drive to fuel the economy and diversify its many offerings. As a result, new shopping malls are opening on a regular basis, offering consumers major brands and a modern retail experience. Potential expats looking to indulge in a trip to the mall will be able to enjoy a retail experience like no other, most especially since personal income tax is absent!

The Lifestyle

Many may argue that one of the most significant advantage to moving to Saudi Arabia is the high-quality standard of living. Considering the cost of living, many natives and expats alike find the standard of living is desirably high. In fact, it is extremely common for expats to recruit the services of drivers, gardeners, maids, nannies, and cleaners. Whilst these services depend on your preferences, what remains definitive is expats’ ability to enjoy a good lifestyle.

Dining Experiences

Dining experiences are most certainly a joyful experience for many, from spending time with family over a tasteful meal, to indulging in a dessert shared with friends. Potential expats looking to move can expect a high-quality dining experience, with a choice of quality rich cuisines. Eating out is a cultural experience and choices offered to natives and expats alike include everything from affordable dining to luxurious meals out.


 For travelling enthusiasts, you will find that Saudi Arabia is a central location for many top travel destinations. Currently the world’s busiest airport, Dubai International, is only a two-hour flight away from Riyadh, the capital of the country.


Last but certainly not least, the weather. With generous sunlight throughout the year, Saudi Arabia offers a hot and sunny climate. Around three to four months of the year, it is too hot to go outside, but air-conditioning has proven to be extremely useful in this instance. In the latter months, you can expect to enjoy the beautiful beaches, pools and landscapes Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Saudi Arabia provides many benefits, especially financially. With many advantages, expats will find moving to the fascinating country can entail far more benefits than what meets the eye.

We provide potential expats with international removals to the Middle East and are on hand to ensure your move to Saudi Arabia goes as smoothly as possible.

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