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Removals to Saudi Arabia

We can ship your household goods and personal items for your international removal to Saudi Arabia via sea or air freight.
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Saudi Arabia is both a progressive and ancient kingdom, from the ancient Islamic and pre-Islamic sites including Mecca and Medina with pivotal importance to the faith, starkly contrasted against iconic sprawling cityscapes and lavish metropolises. This Middle Eastern country has long been famed for three main things; religion, wealth, and oil. As a result, it offers expats moving to Saudi Arabia a multitude of renowned historical and cultural appeals from ancient sites to modern artworks. The wealth and oil in Saudi Arabia mean that the country is growing, advancing and investing and as a result the job market is booming throughout all of the major cities.

If you are considering an international removal to Saudi Arabia we offer a range of conclusive options for transporting your possessions.

Shipping to Saudi Arabia

For shipping to Saudi Arabia, the choice between sea and air freight for many clients depends on timeline, budget considerations and personal preferences. When you enquire online or by phone our expert international removal specialists will advise you on the best or most appropriate option for transporting your possessions efficiently and without disruption to Saudi Arabia.

We provide international shipping to Saudi Arabia in all important locations, including the main destinations of Riyadh and Jeddah.

John Mason International Removals provide full door to door shipping from the UK to Saudi Arabia including export packing, loading, shipping, customs clearance, delivery and unpacking services. Additional destination services such as cleaning services or handyman services are also available upon request.

Contact us to request your free quotation or for further information about our services.

Sea Freight Shipping Services to Saudi Arabia

In order to import your household goods into Saudi Arabia, the following documents will be required:

  • Authorisation letter (affirmed by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce)
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Residence Permit or National ID
  • Customs Requirements for Shipping to Saudi Arabia
  • Customs Inspection

Each shipment will pass through a 100% physical customs inspection upon arrival in the country.

Customs Duty

All household goods shipped and imported into Saudi Arabia are subject to customs duties (from between 5 -20%). The local value and receipts are used to calculate the value of items by Customs authorities.

Exemptions to the above include clothing which has been owned and used and books. This is applicable to clothes and books which are imported at reasonable quantities.

Customs Clearance

The shipper must be present in the country when customs clearance takes place.

Prohibited Items

  • Large amounts of animal skin
  • Gambling items
  • Dangerous items
  • Alcohol and associated products (NB: this also includes food products which contain alcohol)
  • Radio transmitters
  • Stuffed animals

Prohibited Cultural Items / Censorship Items

  • Magazines with cultural images
  • Food items containing pork products
  • Non-Islamic religious items

The following items are subject to censorship and penalties can be charged if items are confiscated:

  • Photographs
  • CDs / Records / Cassette tapes
  • Books
  • Computers, tablets and printers
  • Mobile phones
  • Videos and DVDs

Shipping a car to Saudi Arabia

We are dedicated to causing as little disruption to your life as possible throughout your international removal process, for many this means reducing the amount of unnecessary bureaucracy and changes. Selling, storing, or purchasing a new car can be a lengthy and expensive process. We can ship your car to Saudi Arabia using our sea freight and include this service in your quote.

Please note that vehicles which are over five years old are not allowed to be imported into the country.

Expatriates: only one car is allowed to be imported.

A SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organisation) conformity certificate will be required, this certificate must be applied for in the UK. This may require parts of the car to be updated / replaced in order to conform to SASO requirements.

Please be advised that customs regulations can change on a regular basis, you can contact us to confirm the requirements or for further information.

Moving to Saudi Arabia

The culture in Saudi Arabia is undeniably different to that of the UK, or even the rest of the Western world. In order to prepare yourself for the lifestyle change you will experience, please read our guide to moving to Saudi Arabia.

If you’re still not convinced on the benefits of moving to Saudi Arabia, read our blog posts 3 reasons to move to Saudi Arabia, reasons to consider moving to Saudi Arabia, and top 10 destinations in the Middle East.

If you’re concerned about your safety during your international removal, read our guide on staying safe in Saudi Arabia.

Shipping Quotation

Contact us for a free quotation, expert guidance on customs, processes and ensuring that your international removal is as stress-free as possible for your shipment to Saudi Arabia.

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