Moving to Qatar

Qatar has become one of the shining jewels of the Middle East with a progressive and innovative city and plenty of appeals for expats both in its rich culture and diverse lands.

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Moving to Qatar

Those considering international removals to Qatar will be well aware of the diverse offering that this rapidly developing city has. Qatar is famed for its diversity in both its landscapes which quickly meld iconic city skylines, gorgeous coastal waters and beaches to sprawling deserts and idyllic mangroves and water oases.
The Oil & Gas Industry, along with construction, provide a plethora of job opportunities for foreign workers, as a result overseas workers now outnumber native Qataris. However, the local cultural identity and traditions remain strong and the country has been thriving as a diverse haven of innovation and collaboration. Whilst Oil, Gas and Construction are prevalent industries that attract expats, many find gainful employment working in the fields of engineering, teaching and finance.
Officially known as the State of Qatar, the capital is Doha and it is also the central urban area where the majority of the population live. The principal language is Arabic, English is also widely spoken as a second language. As Qatar is a multicultural place due to the influx of migrant workers, many other languages are spoken here also. Many consider Doha to be the jewel of Qatar with the fastest growing population from a mix of expats and natives contributing to a truly unique multicultural metropolitan hub. The city is thriving economically, with style and design and both natural and manmade environments that are truly inspiring.
When living as an expat in Qatar, make sure to carefully research. A guide such as The Explorer Series – Qatar, may be helpful in preparing for your move as regulations and restrictions can play a large impact in your decisions when moving to the Middle East.
There are many pull factors drawing expats to Qatar. Economic growth, job opportunities, tax savings are just a few. It is also a great hub for travelling and exploring exciting places in the region such as Dubai, Goa and The Maldives.
The State’s vision for infrastructure in the coming years including a metro network means that this will surely attract further expatriates to the area. The 2022 World Cup to be held here also means that the Persian State is likely to experience increased interest as an expat destination.

Shipping to Qatar

International Removals to the Middle East and Qatar specifically can offer a truly unique experience that is both multicultural and has a proud history of Arabic tradition and customs that make it an oasis for expats. The attrctions and appeals of Qatar are numerous however, as customs, regulations and local laws can create complexities that effect individuals, partners and families we recommend that you take the time to read about the laws and rules before you plan to move. Our team are always happy to offer our expert guidance should you have any questions. When shipping to Qatar, your International Move Manager will provide you with the relevant information for your specific shipment. The following is a general guide for Customs Requirements for Shipping to Qatar.
Duty free entry is permitted for used household goods and personal effects. New items will be subject to duty and documents will need to endorsed by a Qatar Embassy, this document must be sent to the destination agent prior to shipment.
Please note that all of your items will be subject to a 100% physical inspection at the by Qatar Customs.

Shipping Computer Equipment to Qatar

If you are including computer equipment in your international shipping shipment, you will need approval from Qatar Telecommunications prior to shipping. As this aspect of international removals to the middle East can be complex and subject to varying regulations, we suggest that you contact your Move Manager for further details.

Shipping CDs, DVDs and Books when moving to Qatar

When shipping CDs, books, videos and DVDs to Qatar, censorship approval from the Ministry of Information will be required, this can take up to 14 working days.

Car / Vehicle Shipping to Qatar

Customs duty will  be payable on the vehicle upon entry into Qatar. The following documents will be required in order to import your car / vehicle into the country:

  • Original registration certification from the country of origin
  • Insurance documentation
  • Invoice if applicable

It is not permitted to import cars / vehicles that are over five years old.

If you are exporting your car from the UK, don’t forget to advise the DVLA  and complete and return the required forms.

In order to register your car in Qatar, proof of ownership and the original import manifest shipping document will be needed. The owner of the car must be resident in the country prior to registration.

Shipping to Qatar – Prohibited Items

Prohibited items for shipping include: alcohol, pork products, dangerous items such as firearms, wireless transmitters, and items made from ivory (including Pianos).

Please note that customs regulations can change on a frequent basis so please contact us for further details. 

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Yes, you can ship your vehicle to the Middle East, but you will need to comply with certain requirements. Generally, you will need to provide proof of ownership, a valid driver’s license, and insurance documents. Some countries in the Middle East may also require additional documentation such as import permits or emissions certificates. Your Move Manager can provide more information on the specific requirements for your vehicle’s shipment. It’s important to note that shipping a vehicle can be a complex process and may require additional fees, so it’s best to discuss your options with your Move Manager.

Customs regulations can vary depending on the specific country in the Middle East that you are shipping to. Generally, you will need to provide a detailed inventory of your belongings, a commercial invoice, and a bill of lading or air waybill. Depending on the nature of your shipment, you may also need additional documentation such as permits or licenses. It’s important to work with a trusted and experienced international removals company like John Mason International to ensure that you comply with all relevant regulations.

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