Five of Canada’s Most Famous Foods to Try

Making the move to Canada is an incredibly exciting prospect. Not only are the locals famous for their hospitality, but they are also known for creating some seriously tasty treats and foods. From sweet desserts to meaty delights, here are some of Canada’s most famous foods that you need to try:

1: Poutine
You can’t think of Canadian cuisine and not have poutine spring to mind. Originally created in Quebec, this Canadian stable might sound a little odd but trust us, once you’ve tried poutine you’ll be instantly hooked.

The classic poutine dish consists of crispy French fries that are then topped with a mix of cheese curds and a light gravy (not the thick Bisto that you usually drown your Yorkshires in). These days, you’ll find poutine will lots of added toppings, which rocket this yummy side dish into an incredibly tasty meal. Popular toppings include pulled pork, steak and bacon.

You’ll find poutine just about everywhere in Canada and it’s a relatively cheap dish, which is an added bonus.

2: Beavertails
There is nothing that sounds more Canadian than beavertails. Fear not, though, these aren’t actually tails taken from beavers. Rather, these are pastry delights that have been stretched to resemble what a beaver tail looks like. These are then fried and topped with treats such as whipped cream, banana and Nutella.

Extremely popular at food trucks and carnivals, you’ll never want a lesser doughnut again. You can even make your own at home, experimenting with the types of toppings you add onto them.

3: Butter Tarts
If beavertails have your mouth watering, then wait till you hear about butter tarts. Think of these like the Canada’s answer to custard tarts. They consist of a pastry crust that is filled with butter, syrup, sugar and eggs. That might sound overly sweet, but once you have one of these little gems, you’ll be forever craving your next!

Particularly common around the festive period, these are best enjoyed in the classic way with a big glass of mulled wine. Alternative versions also add in nuts such as pecans and walnuts as well as dried fruits like raisins.

4: Montreal Bagels
New York might have the most famous bagels in the world. Canada, though, is home to the most delicious. Montreal bagels differ in many ways to their New York brothers, with the Canadian version being sweeter, thinner and a little denser.

These are an immensely popular breakfast and lunch item in Canada, with the locals smothering theirs in cream cheese and enjoying with a coffee – especially one from Tim Hortons.

5: Montreal-Style Smoked Meat
Just like their famous bagels, Montreal is also home to some delicious smoked meat. Kind of like pastrami, this smoked meat is made from beef brisket, which has been cured with salt and a number of spices for a week. The meat is then smoked and steamed.

Best enjoyed on rye bread or a bagel with yellow mustard, this smoked meat is also an incredibly popular topping for poutine.


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