Studying Abroad in Canada Why Canada is a Great Place to Study Abroad

With over 250,000 international students currently being educated in Canada, it is fast becoming one of the top locations in the world for studying abroad.

Canada clearly welcomes international students, valuing their intellectual and creative input rather than their money.

So what makes the beautiful country one of the top ten places in the world to be an international student? We’ve decided to examine the key reasons Canada continues to attract, and keep, so many international students.

The Best Universities in the World

Canadian universities maintain a consistently high standard, both in terms of facilities and teaching and with over 90 universities and 150 colleges to chose from, there is sure to be an institution and course to suit almost any potential international student.

The University of Toronto, McGill University and the University of British Colombia in particular often rank amongst the best institutions in the world. This quality is partly down to simple economics; Canada spends more per capita on education than any other OECD country.

A Great Place to Live

Canada has so much to offer anyone looking for a new life abroad with an incredibly varied and beautiful landscape, excellent standard of living and healthcare facilities that are the envy of the world.

During time away from the classroom, sporty students can ski, hike or sail. If you’re more of a cultural creature, Canada boasts globally renowned galleries, museums, theatres and orchestras. Your beautiful surroundings will also be an endless source of delight, from glittering cityscapes to breath-taking mountains and lakes.

Qualifications Valued Around the World

The quality of Canada’s colleges and universities is recognised around the world and any qualification gained here will be respected and valued wherever you work. A Canadian degree is recognised globally as being at least the equivalent of any obtained in the US and other Commonwealth countries.

Canada is consistently at the forefront of academic research and offers the highest standard both in terms of faculty and facilities and so it is unsurprising that its international reputation remains consistently strong. Whether you stay and work in Canada, move back home or decide to explore another exciting new destination, a qualification from here will undoubtedly boost your CV.

Excellent Facilities

As you would expect from a global leader in telecommunications, software development, biotechnology and engineering, Canada’s universities have some of the best research facilities and technology in the world.

From the pioneering SchoolNet system, Canada has always ensured its students are connected and have access to the best technology around. If you academic interests lie away from laboratories and laptops, there are Olympic standard sports facilities and spectacular galleries to keep you engaged.

There is even specific public and private sector funding for areas such as medicine, telecommunications, agriculture, environmental science and computer technology.

Low Tuition Fees

Another advantage of studying in Canada is the relatively low tuition fees. Compared the US and Australia, tuition fees are competitive, as are living and accommodation costs making it extremely attractive to budget minded international students. The exceedingly high standard of education on offer combined with this low cost makes Canada one of the most cost-effective places to study.

Ambitious, high achieving students can even gain scholarships to many Canadian universities through one of the many international schemes. This fair system offers unrivalled value for money and ensures that a high quality education in Canada is affordable for the majority of international students.

Safe Cities

Consistently ranked by the UN as one of the best countries to live, Canada boasts low crime figures, a democratic, tolerant population and political and economic stability. Violent crime figures in particular are some of the lowest in the world.

Canada also prides itself on its fair, comprehensive health system ensuring students are also safe from poor care and extortionate medical bills. Canadian universities appreciate that for students to excel they need to be safe and well and offer some of the best health benefits and highest security in the world.

Work and Study

Unlike many major countries, Canada allows students to work while the study, ensuring you will not graduate burdened with too much debt. Providing you are a full time student with a valid permit studying for at least six months at an approved institution, you will be able seek employment off-campus.

Students are allowed to work full time during breaks such as Easter and Summer and up to 20 hours per week during term time. This flexible approach allows students to not only earn money, but also gain valuable experience in the Canadian work place. This demonstrates Canada’s commitment to attracting and keeping international students who will truly flourish and ultimately build a successful life in Canada

Job Opportunities

International students have long recognised that studying in Canada can open the door to a prosperous future. Today Canada boasts a strong, stable economy and high employment rates. Unemployment is just 6.6% and over 90% of students gain employment within six months of graduating. Canadian universities also have links to thousands of global collaboration agreements meaning the institutions have strong ties with many multinational organisations.

Unlike many other countries, Canada offers post-graduate work permits relatively freely, demonstrating the country’s willingness to retain students and help these well-educated graduates enrich the Canadian workplace. Anyone who has studied in Canada may be entitled to a work permit for up to three years depending on how long they have been there. The duration of the permit is usually equal to the duration of the course studied, so if you have been a one-year course, you will then get a one-year work permit.

Road to Citizenship

With so much to offer, it is clear why so many students choose to stay on a make a life in Canada and, due to recent changes, it has never been easier for skilled students to immigrate permanently to the Great White North.

With a post-graduate work permit, you can get to work straight away in your chosen field and, after you have gained at least twelve months experience in Canada, you are then eligible to apply for permanent residency as a Canadian Experience Class immigrant. The process of gaining permanent residency usually takes around 15-18 months, after which you can truly call that beautiful country home.

Multicultural Society

Canada’s open, welcoming culture is inspirational and a key reason why many students choose to travel to this country in particular to study. As a country that has long respectfully balanced English, French and First Nation culture, it has always offered a safe and friendly home for immigrants. In modern times alone, over 15 million people have travelled to Canada and made it their home.

As a constitutionally bilingual country, Canada naturally embraces other cultures and other languages. This makes it not only a great place to study, but a great place to learn a language. Wherever in the world you were born, Canada is a hospitable, friendly and secure place to learn.

So, if you have a passion to learn and explore the world while you study, Canada has so much to offer. A qualification from Canada could be your passport to an exciting and successful new life, so what are you waiting for? Check out our destination guide for Canada.

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