Shopping in Australia

One of the things I look forward to the most when I get to Australia is shopping. Not necessarily clothes shopping, but just going out and giving Australia my money! My first stop is usually KFC and McDonalds. Yes, both! I go to KFC for a portion of their mash and gravy, and then on to McDonalds for a frozen coke to wash it down with.

I then usually venture over to Woolworths and this is where the fun really starts. Did you know they have sushi counters in the supermarket? It’s a game changer! Once we have picked our sushi it’s off to the deli counter to get the olives and the stuffed peppers, then to the chocolate aisle to get Tim tams. Banana ones are the best.

There is also a pie shop that I visit every time I go where they sell the best steak pies and chips with gravy.

You will see surf shops everywhere you go. This is usually where I lose my husband for an hour. I love walking around the markets, and the little craft stalls that are out on a Sunday. There is something so appealing to me about going to a foreign country and being able to buy so many things you can’t get back home.

In some of the bigger shopping centres in the cities you can expect to see some of the same shops as in the UK. They have The Body Shop, Lush, Pandora and Zara to name a few.The shops are all so clean and so well laid out. I don’t sound like a shopaholic at all do I?

It is the total opposite for my parents. They miss the shops of England. They miss Primark, Sainsburys, Matalan and Aldi. (Even though they have Aldi there now they still get strangely excited over the ones in the UK!) They miss the food. Whilst they have Chinese and Indian takeaways in Australia they aren’t quite the same, although I must say I prefer the fish and chips over there! Chicken salt for the win!

I have to take over a care package every time I visit with Dairy Milk, Galaxy, Revels, Walkers crisps etc. The chocolate in Australia just isn’t the same.It’s all a personal preference. I suppose new things will always lose their novelty eventually. But I still get excited about it like a big kid every time I’m on that long flight over there! And my parents always get excited about it on the way back. Their first stop is usually the local shopping centre, no matter how bad the jet lag is! So if ever you find yourself on the flight to Australia, get excited. Get excited about having a frozen coke and some sushi!

Shopping in Australia is undoubtedly a great experience for anyone to do! With so much variety in my favourite part, the food, to choose from – moving to Australia has many perks. If you’re looking to set off your next venture to Australia, then our international removals services are here to help you out! We also have import services for those looking to shift their belongings from the UK. Whether you’re looking to import from the UK, or into the UK, our import services to UK are here to assist.

For more information around our import services from the UK to Australia, get in touch with the John Mason International removals team here.

About the Author: 16 years ago my parents and siblings immigrated to Australia. I have visited 12 times over the years and contemplated making the move myself many a time, including taking a 12 month working holiday visa. Now married and with a son of my own my roots are firmly planted in the UK but we take it in turns as a family to hop across the pond to visit each other.

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