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Four things you should consider before you agree to relocate to another country for work

This is probably going to be a bit of a ‘shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted’ situation, seeing as you are looking at international movers. But just in case you still have time to consider your options, do it.

You don’t want to move half way round the world for Captain Hindsight to come calling, suggesting you probably should have considered X, Y or Z, before agreeing to relocate for work.

Just because the opportunity sounds like something your should not turn down, don’t underestimate what a huge thing relocating for work is. You’re not just moving cities, you are moving countries.

Moving house is stressful enough, but doing it overseas is a whole other ballgame. Factoring in you won’t have a support network in place, no friends or family to welcome you to the new neighbourhood, you’ll be going to a job you don’t know and embracing a new company culture (in a new country’s culture); it’s a serious undertaking.

Here is our list of key things you should consider before you agree to relocate to another country for work:

How does the new job compare to the old one?
● Will you be moving for a promotion?
● Will you get a pay rise with it?
● Is it your dream job?
● What does the workload look like?
● Will it afford you enough time to take advantage of living in this new country or will you be living to work?
● Will there be a settling in period?
● What happens if you don’t like the new job?
● Who is your new boss and what is the team like?
● How will this move impact your career trajectory?

What impact will living in the new country have on your lifestyle?
Do you know anybody in the country you’re moving to? Starting from scratch and building up a network can be exhausting and overwhelming. Can you afford to live the life you’re currently living or will you have to make huge changes? Will this new job allow you to seize the opportunities you’ve been dreaming of?

What are the financial implications of relocating?

Relocating does not happen cheaply.
● Who will pay for your relocation costs?
● If you have a house to sell what will you do if it does not sell? Can you afford to rent it out? Will you have to enlist the services of a fast buying property company?
● How long is your new commute? How much will it cost you?
● What are the household bills going to be in the new country?

What does your family think?

Moving to a new country is obviously a huge adventure, but are your family sure they understand the implications – you’re not going on holiday, you are going to live there. No more popping round to the parents’ house, nor ‘quick drinks’ after work with the friends, plus the kids will have to say goodbye to their school friends.

Finally, remember you don’t have to move just because the company asks you to, that isn’t reason enough to go. You won’t just be changing jobs, relocating overseas requires you to change your whole life. And that isn’t something you should do lightly.

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