Moving from the UK Post Brexit

The UK's decision to leave the EU raises a number of questions, including the impact it has on international removals. Here's everything you need to know.

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An increasing number of British people are considering moving from UK post Brexit. The uncertainty for the future and the understandable desire to do what we consider best for ourselves and our family has encouraged many people to evaluate the possibilities of moving from UK after the Brexit decision.

However, as the political and economic scenario are not still crystal clear, it is important to examine the implications of doing so. There are definitely more people interested in international removals but there are still too many uncertainties to know what is the best way to move.

Under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, Britain has two years to arrange new deals with EU member states; but, in the meantime, what should you look out for now the UK has voted to leave the EU?

Brexit On The Web

It’s still early since the UK’s historic vote to exit the European Union and that decision is dominating the conversation online. Google Trends reports a remarkable increase in searches in the UK for “getting an Irish passport” and “move to Gibraltar” for instance. Google also reports. And #TheUK was trending topic in the UK.

As it can be appreciated, Brexit has encouraged people to consider international removals and starting a new life abroad.

Travel and Holidays

It is very likely that the Brexit won’t have much impact on going to Europe on holiday. We’re not part of the passport-free Schengen zone and that wouldn’t change and it is very unlikely that EU member states would require British people to have visas for short visits.

However, flight prices may go up and air passengers might find it much harder to hold airlines to account when flights were cancelled or delayed.

In other words, according to the Denied Boarding Regulation, passengers can claim up to EUR600 in compensation for delays or cancellations on flights that originate in the EU. After Brexit, the protection of this legislation could be lost.

Living and Working Abroad

The idea of living and working abroad has traditionally triggered international removals. People have moved from the UK to other EU countries and vice versa with the idea of leading more prosperous lives in a different country. But this is the aspect in which the decision to leave the EU will probably have the most significant impact.

UK expats could find it more difficult to work in the EU if host countries ask them to comply with more restrictive rules related to permits and setting up businesses. Those UK citizens interested in working in the EU may lose their automatic right to do so and be asked to apply for Blue Cards.

Currently, British people are entitled to live and work anywhere they want to in the EU without a visa. You can travel wherever and whenever you like, you can live in any of the 28 member states for as long as you choose and you have the same employment rights as if you were a local.

After Brexit, it is very likely that each member state would impose the same visa rules that they do on other non-EU countries. In other words, they are entitled to, if they want to, ask you to have a visa and satisfy any other imposed condition.

If you are already living abroad, it’s extremely unlikely that you will  be asked to apply for a visa. However, you might see your automatic right to healthcare and other benefits withdrawn.

It is expected for the UK government to start a series of negotiations to secure UK citizens living abroad their continued right to work, reside, own property in other EU states and to access public services such as medical treatment in those states.

The Unknown Is Yet To Come

The Brexit decision is a leap to the unknown and a lot of negotiation still needs to be held. Hopefully, the UK government authorities and the EU-member states authorities will reach agreements that will make everybody’s life easier.


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