When a person makes the decision to move abroad, no matter how much they enjoy their new lifestyle there’s always something from home that they miss; such as the landscape, shopping, newspapers, TV, pubs and of course friends and family.

One answer that is particularly common is British food and drink. Perhaps this is because enjoying food from home can be a comfort and makes you feel more connected to the life you left behind, or it could simply be because you can’t make a proper bacon buttie without proper British bread!

BritishCornerShop.co.uk are an online supermarket for expats selling over 8,000 branded British food, drink, toiletries and household products, all of which can be delivered to your doorstep wherever you are in the world.

So whether you miss the Bisto Gravy Granules you added to your Shepherds Pie, or the cups of PG Tips that got you through the working day, we can help!

Having access to these kinds of products really can make all the difference to how easily you settle into a new place, especially if you have children who have become accustomed to particular brands and products.

It is because of this that we welcome any product suggestions from our customers. So, for example; if there is a particular cereal, baby food or chocolate treat your child craves that we do not already stock, we will do our best to find it for you and email you when it is available.

Although it may seem early to be talking about Christmas, it is this time of year that living abroad can be the most challenging. So those of you eager to start planning your British style Christmas abroad will be pleased to hear our Christmas range is now available.

The selection is even bigger this year, and includes a wide variety of advent calendars, cards, crackers, sweet tubes, Christmas puddings, cake, mince pies, selection boxes, preserves, condiments and baking goods, from top brands such as Cadbury, Galaxy, McVities, Cottage Delight, Matthew Walker and Mars.

So, whether you want advent calendars for the kids or stuffing for the turkey, we’re  sure to have what you need to make Christmas feel a bit more like home!