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Benefits of Living Abroad

The Benefits of Living Abroad

We looked at some of the benefits of moving overseas and how living abroad can enhance your life.

There are many advantages to living in a new country such as the opportunity to have an adventure and new experiences or to improve your lifestyle. You may be moving your family abroad, in which case no doubt you will have in mind how the whole family could benefit from a new start abroad.


Education and Life Experience

Being in unfamiliar territory has many advantages. When you are out of your comfort zone, you become more resilient and adaptable. It is usually the most challenging times in life when personal growth occurs and new experiences will broaden your horizons. Living abroad may not always be easy but it will most certainly be challenging, exciting and an adventure.

Career Benefits

Living abroad can make you more employable as it can demonstrate that you have skills such as flexibility, adaptability and initiative. Learning the business customs in another country can also help your career.

Language Skills

Depending on where you are moving to, studying, working or retiring abroad can present an opportunity to learn a new language and practice it on a daily basis. There will be no need to pay for language conversation classes or arrange language exchange meet ups, a trip to the local shops is the perfect chance to practice.

In addition, having the excuse to practice your new language skills every day and being surrounded by the language means that you can immerse yourself which will accelerate your learning.

Even if you are moving to a country where your native tongue is spoken, it is still interesting to learn and observe the subtle differences and cultural variations in language.

Cultural Awareness

Learning about different cultures and traditions will make you appreciate the world in an entirely different way. Understanding a different culture and its heritage, political landscape, values, society and the means that you are likely to develop new perspectives and insights as a result. You will most likely find that after a period of time living abroad, you will develop a more global outlook.

New Friendships and Relationships

Living abroad and away from all your friends and family will mean that you are forced to meet new people, both local and fellow expatriates in most cases. New friendships and relationships will form enriching your life.

Improving your life and the lives of those around you

Living abroad gives you the chance to learn first-hand different and possibly better ways of living, working and other aspects of life and society. Do the people in your host country do something better than in your home country for example cooking, ways of working together etc. Maybe you can use this knowledge in your own life or pass it on to others if you return to live in your home country.

New Home

You may already be planning to emigrate permanently or have that intention when you first move. If you are planning to move abroad for a limited period of time, you may change your mind when you settle into your new life. Maybe the lifestyle suits you more than you realised? Australia for example offers an outdoor lifestyle, perfect for sporty types. You may get involved in the local community and therefore become committed to developing it and contributing. In addition, new friends and relationships may tie you to your new place of residence so you want to stay permanently.

Minimising and Decluttering

Moving abroad forces you to de-clutter your home, possessions and essentially spring clean everything you own. Getting rid of unwanted items / no longer needed things from your life is invigorating.

Appreciating Home

If you do decide to return home, when you do come back, you will no doubt see your home country from a completely new perspective and probably appreciate all the things that you missed whilst living abroad.

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