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Pet Travel to Australia from the UK

If you’re considering a move to Australia, it’s understandable you’ll want to take your pets with you. After all, they’re part of the family. 

Whether you’re moving for work, for a better lifestyle or to join family members overseas, there’s no need to leave your furry friends behind. 

It’s a common misconception that it’s difficult to take your pet with you when moving abroad, and whilst Australia does have some restrictions, our Pet Relocation service can make the process simple.

We provide pet relocation services for cats, dogs and other animals. Get in touch to discuss your pet’s requirements

What’s included?

Choosing John Mason International for your pet’s relocation to Australia means a stress-free, end-to-end service. We simply need between one and six weeks’ notice (depending on the nature of your move), and we’ll arrange everything needed for your pet′s travel plan.

Our Australia Pet Relocation service includes:

  • Transparent pricing
  • Care tag
  • Pet Travel Portal
  • IATA-compliant travel kennel
  • Boarding at a local top rated kennel
  • Export or import documentation
  • Completion of health certificates
  • USDA
  • All air cargo expenses
  • All airport services
  • Pick up from residence or meet & greet at the airport
  • Regular communication & updates
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery to new residence or handover at the airport

What areas do we cover?

We provide relocation services for pets across the UK, to almost any location in Australia including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, New South Wales, Queensland and Brisbane.

We will collect your pet 2 days prior to your move date, bringing them to one of our facilities close to Heathrow, Gatwick, Glasgow or Manchester airports. With locations at the UK’s major airports, we are able to service the entirety of the UK.

Preparing your pet for travel

Travelling from the UK to Australia via plane takes around 22 hours; that’s a long time, especially for animals such as cats and dogs. Not to mention the days leading up to and following the flight, where they might be in an unfamiliar environment, with other animals.

We do everything we can to prepare your pet for the relocation process, caring for them as if they were our own. We want to make sure that the journey is as stress-free as possible for you and your pet.

To do this, we make sure that your pet’s travel plan is mapped out and agreed well in advance to ensure everything runs smoothly. We’ll let you know all the timings, take care of the necessary documentation and customs requirements so you can concentrate on your move.

Once we have collected your pet, they’ll be kept in a top-rated that will look after them until the flight. On arrival, your pet will be delivered back to you once the necessary customs requirements have been completed. 

In this time, your pet will be cared for and you will be provided with regular updates for peace of mind.

Prior to picking up your pet for travel, you should familiarise your pet with the crate they will be travelling in. If your pet suffers with stress and anxiety you may also want to discuss calming techniques with your veterinarian. Tranquillisers and sedatives should never be used as they can impact your pets respiratory system during air travel.

Pet relocation costs

Pet relocation costs will vary depending on your unique requirements. For pet relocations to Australia from the UK, we will factor in the flight length, type of animal and care required, in addition to the admin work required to prepare the necessary documentation for customs.

Transporting pets by air can be costly, with expenses varying based on the pet’s size. For instance, flying a cat is significantly less expensive than flying a Great Dane. Obtain a free online quote from us to determine the cost of flying your pets.

We always make sure to provide our customers with a transparent quote prior to agreement, meaning there will never be any hidden fees or unexpected costs.

Get in touch for your bespoke quote

Australian Pet Relocation Requirements

Australia has some of the most stringent import requirements for pets in order to protect their local wildlife from diseases. If you’re moving from the UK, it’s important to make sure you’ve done everything required if you want to take your pet with you.

Requirements include:

  • Microchipping – pets must have an ISO-compliant microchip, implanted prior to blood tests and vaccinations.
  • Rabies vaccinations – dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies 30 days prior to travel.
  • Blood tests – dogs and cats must have had a Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test (RNATT) 180 days prior to travel
  • Parasite treatment – pets must have been treated by a Government-registered veterinarian for ticks (2 days prior to travel) and tapeworms (5 days prior to travel).
  • Health Certificate – your pet must have a Veterinary Health Certificate issued by a Government-registered veterinarian within 10 days of travel, specifying your pet is in good health and free from contagious diseases.
  • Import Permit – obtained from the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE)
  • IATA specified pet travel crate – a crate large enough for your pet to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably.
  • Quarantine – a mandatory quarantine period designated by the Australian authorities

Failure to meet these requirements can result in delays, additional costs and even refusal of entry for your pet. That’s where we can help.

By trusting John Mason to look after your pet’s travel itinerary and documentation, we can make sure your pet has everything they need for a smooth entry process.

Banned breeds

Currently, the only animals that can be imported to Australia from the UK as pets are dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and selected birds. 

There are unfortunately a number of dog breeds that are also banned from entering Australia, therefore if you have any of the below, you will not be able to take them wit you:

  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Japanese Tosa
  • American pit bull terrier or pit bull terrier
  • Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario
  • Czechoslovakian wolfdog or Czechoslovakian Vlcak
  • Saarloos wolfdog or Saarloos wolfhound
  • Lupo Italiano or Italian wolfdog
  • Kunming wolfdog or Kunming dog

Hybrid cats can also not be imported. These include:

  • Savannah cat, domestic cat (Felis catus) crossed with serval cat (Felis serval)
  • Safari cat, domestic cat crossed with Geoffroy cat (Oncifelis geoffroyi)
  • Chausie, domestic cat crossed with Jungle cat (Felis chaus)
  • Bengal cat, domestic cat crossed with Asian leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)

See the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry site for more information.

Pet quarantine

Australia has a highly favourable animal health status and is free from a number of cat and dog diseases. To protect this, all animals being imported from the UK are required to undergo a temporary quarantine period.


The quarantine period for pets from the UK is a minimum of 30 days, at a cost of around £1700. There may be additional charges if a longer stay is required, additional veterinary services or non-compliance fees.

If you are importing a returning pet to Australia, the quarantine period is shorter, at around 10 days.

Helpful Guides and Resources

Our Other Relocation Services

Pet relocation is just one of the many things you must consider when moving to Australia. We provide a wide range of Australia relocation services to help make your move stress-free:

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Can I move my pet from the UK to Australia?

Providing your pet is a cat, dog, rabbit or horse, and not on the banned breeds list, you should have no issues moving your pet from the UK to Australia. You will need to follow all the necessary customs requirements to ensure your pet is not refused entry. 


How much does it cost to fly a dog to Australia from the UK?

The cost of flying a dog to Australia from the UK depends on many factors including the time of year, destination and documentation requirements. For a bespoke quote get in touch with our team. The same applies for other animals including cats and rabbits.


How long is the quarantine for dogs from the UK to Australia?

Quarantine for dogs arriving in Australia from the UK is a minimum of 30 days. This could be extended if required for health issues or concerns. For dogs returning to Australia from the UK, the quarantine period is 10 days minimum.


How long is the quarantine for cats from the UK to Australia?

Quarantine for cats arriving in Australia from the UK is a minimum of 30 days. This could be extended if required for health issues or concerns. For cats returning to Australia from the UK, the quarantine period is 10 days minimum.


Should I feed my pet before a flight?

It is not recommended for pets to fly on a full stomach. They should be fed around 4-6 hours prior to the flight and given slightly less food than usual. They should be well hydrated for the 48 hours prior to travel and will have water attached to their crate for the duration of the flight. It is recommended to use an expert pet relocation service to ensure the wellbeing of your pet if moving overseas. They will ensure your pet is looked after properly prior, during and post flight to give you peace of mind.

Our Accreditations

As one of the leading providers of overseas removals and relocation services on a national and international scale, we pride ourselves on offering a professional and friendly service. We have been recognised as one of the leading international moving companies and are proud of our credentials and the quality standard they represent. In 2023, we became the most trusted moving company in the UK.
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