Why move to Canada? Here are 5 unique reasons

This is list is by no means exhaustive of all the things you can do in Canada, nor does it include all the popular attractions. But it is a list of some of the more unusual activities, entertainment and adventures that you and your family could have, if you choose to relocate to one of the most friendly, most spectacular countries our little green planet has.

Niagara Falls
These famous waterfalls are probably Canada’s most popular natural attraction, drawing in millions every year. Located a little over an hour away from Toronto, standing at 57 meters tall, visitors can experience the roar and rush of the water from the top of them. And for the daredevils in the group, take a ride on the Maid of the Mist and prepare to get wet.

Banff National Park
If you’re after beauty, then look no further than Banff National Park (Alberta), the beating heart of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. It has quite simply the most breathtaking scenery you will have ever encountered. Picture aquamarine lakes, snow-capped peaks and glistening glaciers all ripe for the exploring.

Set in the middle of this magnificent park, like the jewel in a crown, is Lake Louise. Banff town itself lies at the southern end of the park providing all your accomodation, shopping and dining needs.

And don’t forget, come the winter months, Banff becomes the hub of winter sports for the area. Lake Louise ski resort and Sunshine Village are both prestigious ski destinations for any discerning skiers.

If it’s skiing you’re after, a mere two hour drive from Vancouver and you are in the world famous Whistler ski resort. This once winter only destination is now a popular summer resort with golf and mountain biking counted amongst some of the activities on offer.

Whale watching
There are 33 whale species that inhabit the water around Canada. It doesn’t matter which coast you live on, North, East or West, chances are a short boat trip will bring you to one of these beautiful creatures.

Where to go:
● Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve in Telegraph Cove, British Columbia. This is the country’s only sanctuary for orcas. Try and be eco-friendly and use a local kayak company rather than a boat trip, not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but you’ll get even closer to them.
● Tofino, British Columbia. Grey whales migrate north to Alaska from Baja Peninsula in March and back down south again in October, making Tofino a prime whale-watching spot.
● Tadoussac, Quebec. Where the balmy waters of the Saguenay River run with the colder waters of the St. Lawrence is the place to see a variety of whales: blue, beluga, minke and humpback whales, thanks to the bountiful supply of krill.
● Churchill, Manitoba. Yes, this is Canada’s polar bear central, but you can also get a chance to see another pale face creature: the beluga whale. And if you’re really daring, why not don a thermal wet-suit and get up close and personal and snorkel with these baby-faced white whales?

Polar bears
If you’re going to trek all the way up to Churchill to swim with the belugas, then you won’t want to miss the polar bear migration (October or November) – a rare chance to witness these majestic creatures venture out onto the ice on Hudson Bay.

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