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Shipping to Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago of 17,000 islands located in South-East Asia and has a population of over 250,000 000, making it one of the world’s most populous countries.

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A Guide to Shipping to Indonesia

The major islands include the Sundra islands, the Maluku islands and the New Guinea islands (part of which is shared with Papua New Guinea). The country’s capital city, Jakarta, is a popular place for expats to relocate to. Bali is another common expat location as are some areas in the Papua region.

The climate in Indonesia is hot and tropical and the country can offer the expat many experiences and opportunities to explore. The country has many beautiful beaches, jungles and mountainous areas providing access to many outdoor activities. The country is certainly the place for an exciting expat adventure and the chance to live in a culturally and historically rich nation.

Customs Requirements for Shipping to Indonesia

The following regulations are applicable to foreigners (i.e. non Indonesians):
The shipper will need to import his / her items within three months of arrival in Indonesia for duty free entry. The date of arrival will be classed as the date on the Immigration admission stamp in your passport.

The following documents will need to be provided in order to clear customs in Indonesia and for the household goods to be imported into the country:

  1. Original passport with arrival stamp
  2. Original residence permit (KITAS)
  3. Original work permit (IMTA)
  4. Authorization letter with duty stamp

The residence permit and the work permit must be valid for at least 12 months otherwise duties can occur.

It is very important that these documents are provided when Shipping to Indonesia when requested and also that they meet the required validity periods (i.e. 12 months) otherwise the shipment will not be able to be imported or duty / tax could be payable.

Foreign citizens (i.e. non-Indonesians) are only allowed to import 1 x sea shipment and 1 x air shipment duty and tax free per family unit. If taking an air shipment, this must arrive before the sea shipment.

Each family unit is only allowed to import duty free a ‘reasonable’ amount of major appliances and electronic items. Therefore, 1 of each of the following: 1 x fridge, 1 x stove, 1 x freezer, 1 x stereo and 1 x TV. For any additional items, duty will be payable.

Returning Indonesians

Returning Indonesians can ship their household effects back into Indonesia provided that they have lived abroad for a minim period of one year in gainful employment.

Transit Times

Sea Shipments


Allow 7-9 weeks approximately door to door


Allow 9-11 weeks approximately door to door

Air Freight Shipments to Indonesia

Allow approximately 2 weeks door to door.

Prohibited Items

Dangerous items
Politically or culturally sensitive material

Restricted Items


Statues aresubject to be checked by the Indonesian Archaeology department. A copy of the invoice for the statue and the Certificate of Origin will be required.

CDs / DVDs / Books

CDs, DVDs and books can be imported providing they are in reasonable quantities and not politically or culturally sensitive.

A detailed listing of all titles must be provided and the items will be subject to censorship. There is a censorship fee for this which can be expensive. The censor time is undefined.

Additional Customs Information

  • If duty is required, the amount depends on the size and weight of the shipment and where it originates from.
  • Retirees shipping to Indonesia will be required to pay tax and duty on the import of their household effects.
  • Any items in original factory cartons are classified as new and may be dutiable.

Customs Requirements can change at a regular basis so please contact us to receive the latest copy of our Customs Guide to Indonesia or if you would like further advice or guidance. Experienced personnel are always on hand to provide relevant and up to date information applicable to your destination country. 

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