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Manama is the bustling, cosmopolitan capital of the small but wealthy nation of Bahrain.

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Moving to Manama

It continues to expand and develop and has become an impressive, modern city with a world class infrastructure and exciting prospects for any ambitious expat. Oil is still a significant power behind the country’s economy, but financial services, leisure and property are also key to Bahrain’s future.

While the city has seen enormous development and growth in the last thirty years, Manama has retained a strong sense of tradition and culture, from the spectacular souqs and mosques to the distinctive art and cuisine. The hot, sunny climate and beautiful waterfront also make the city an attractive prospect for anyone considering a move abroad.

Manama Suburb Profiles


This bohemian, multicultural area is ideal for expats wanting to be at the heart of Manama’s cultural and social scene. There is a warm, friendly pedestrianised square packed with galleries, shops and cafes and plenty of one and two bed apartments.


Juffair is another area popular with young expats moving to Manama with a variety of shops, hotels and restaurants. There are also two excellent international schools and a thriving, well established British expat community.

Amwaj Islands

The spectacular Amwaj Islands are a group of man-made gated communities with chic apartments and villas with stunning sea views. These islands are easily accessible just north of the city centre and boast a private school and hospital as well as waterfront restaurants and cafes.


This neighbourhood, just west of the city centre, has several villa compounds popular with British expats. Central Manama is just a short commute away and there are good schools, even the Bahrain Rugby Club making it ideal for active families.

Transport / Getting  Around Manama

As roads are well maintained and clearly signposted, most moving to Manama chose to get around by car. As Bahrain is a reasonably highly populated island, traffic can be heavy at rush hour, but generally driving is fairly straight forward. Manama has a comprehensive and simple to use bus system covering the city and linking it with all of Bahrain’s major towns. There is currently no subway or light rail, but there are plans for a network that will cover most of Bahrain. Taxis are also a safe and reliable way to navigate the city and are easily found in most parts of Manama. The award winning Bahrain International Airport offers flights across the gulf and beyond, including direct flights to Europe.

Leisure Activities and Things to Do in Manama

Manama is the cultural and social heart of Bahrain and boasts an array of attractions such as the Bahrain National Museum, a beautiful building housing some fascinating artefacts charting the history of the Persian Gulf. At over 500 years old, Bahrain Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the museum is a great place to explore the city’s heritage. The AL Fateh Mosque is also well worth a visit with its stunning, detailed architecture and enormous National Library. There are several ancient burial grounds marked by distinctive knolls around Manama, known as Dilmun Burial Mounds, they are both breath-taking and thought provoking and thought to be up to 6000 years old. For social butterflies and shopaholics, Manama has some of the best bars, restaurants and entertainment venues in the region as well as vast malls and traditional souqs.

Fun facts about Manama

  • Manama is the capital and largest city of Bahrain, the smallest Arab nation and the third smallest Asian nation.
  • Manama is one of the most ancient cities in the Persian Gulf, with evidence of human habitation since 3000 BC.
  • The word ‘Manama’ comes from the Arabic phrase ‘the resting place’, but you’ll find plenty to keep you busy in this lively city.
  • 30 km south of Manama lies the famous ‘Tree of Life’ which has baffled scientists for years as it stands alone miles away from any water source.


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