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Moving to America? Getting Started with the Local Sports

Moving to a new country is an amazing feeling – you’re basically starting totally afresh, with all this opportunity to meet and make new friends. The only problem is, where do you start?

Well, if you’re moving over to America, one of the quickest and easiest ways to inject yourself into the local community and meet new people, is by getting involved with your local sports teams.

America take their sports incredibly seriously. This is far more than just keeping up with the football scores of your local team in the UK. In America, the entire family and community band together to support their teams, whether they be football, basketball, hockey or baseball. Some communities even have multiple teams as college sports are incredibly popular, too.

More than that, local sports are big money for their communities as home games mean lots of visitors to your city, spending money in local businesses. What Are the Main Sports in America?

American Football
American Footballs is America’s favourite sport, with both the NFL and college football being incredibly popular. Even high school football is a major event, with a large majority of the community going along to support their local team. The NFL football season runs from August (for pre-season) until February when the Super Bowl occurs. There are a massive 32 NFL teams to choose from, all based across America.

The American Baseball season runs from March until September with 30 teams featured in the MBL. A great summer sport, going to see a baseball game is always a fun day out with plenty of delicious foods and drinks.

The NBA season runs from around October to June, with the regular season having multiple games a week, so it’s an intensive sport. The league has 30 teams, all from across America and these teams travel extensively to play each other.Basketball games are fast-paced and incredibly fun to watch, and games are notorious for having celebrities attending.

How Do I Choose a Team?
The beauty of not being native to America is that you can choose to support absolutely any team that you want. The easiest choice though – particularly if moving to a smaller community – is to choose the team that is local to your new home.

This is especially important if you want to see your team live, as by choosing your local team you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see that team in action. Plus, your local bars will be all done up and ready to support that team.

If you’re moving to a big city – such as LA or New York – then you might find that teams from other states will have a dedicated bar in these big cities. So, say, you want to support the Green Bay Packers but you’re moving to Manhattan. Fear not, there are various bars available where other local fans meet up to watch the games.

No matter what sport or team you choose, getting involved with American sports is all about getting to know people in your new home and it’s a spectacular way to make life-long friends and enjoy yourself.

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