Top 10 Reasons to Move to Australia

We thought it was time to have a look at the top 10 reasons to move to Australia and to find out why the land Down Under is so popular. Australia attracts thousands of expats every year with over a million people moving there in the first 10 years of the 21st Century alone. Sun, sand and financial stability keep people of all ages, from gap year travellers to retirees, flocking to Australia.

Every new arrival will have their own particular reasons for settling in this vast, beautiful country, but there are clearly common motives for making the long journey to the antipodes. If you’re considering a move to this exciting destination, here are our top 10 reasons to move to Australia:

1. The Best Place in the World to Work and Live (Officially!)

The first on our list for top 10 reasons to relocate to Australia relates to the topic of work-life balance. Australia was recently named the best country in the world to live and work in a survey conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD Australia). The relaxed, outdoors life style, competitive salaries and strong emphasis on work-life balance, means Australia offers a quality of life unrivalled across the world.

While Australians understand the importance of work and financial security, they also truly value time dedicated to friends, family, hobbies and keeping fit. In our view, this makes it a definite for our top 10 reasons to move to Australia list. The idyllic landscape and climate also encourage a healthy, active and stress-free lifestyle. It’s easy to see why expats are happier down under when the biggest worry for the weekend is whether to have a picnic at the park or barbeque at the beach.

2. Exciting Career Prospects

Next on our list of top 10 reasons to move to Australia is a key pull factor for many expats: career prospects. In recent years, it has been Australia’s economic stability as well the sunny beaches that have attracted intrepid expats. The country felt the affects of the economic downturn far less than America and Europe and continues to show steady economic growth.

This is reflected in the buoyant jobs market and high employment rate. Australia has one of the the highest minimum wages in world, which has long established the national ethos of fair pay for hard work. In several areas, such as nursing, construction and engineering, the Australian government are actively recruiting foreign workers to fill vacancies.

3. Beautiful Views Wherever You Look

Spectacular coastal vistas? Check. Dramatic mountain ranges? Check. Rugged bushland and forests? Check. Australia has postcard-worthy views for all tastes at every turn. With so much attractive scenery to explore, you will be enjoying the great outdoors at every opportunity. From hikes through breathtaking terrain to a seaside sunset while sipping something cold, it’s impossible not to notice the beauty that surrounds you in this amazing country, making it one of our top 10 reasons to move to Australia.

4. Cosmopolitan Culture

Australia is not a nation that takes itself too seriously, yet it has long shed the classic image of beach bums, sheep farmers and crocodile hunters. Australia’s flourishing, multicultural cities are hotbeds for arts, food and socialising.

Whether you’re interested in live music, dance, theatre or literature, Australia has a new show (and probably a festival) that will be right up your street. The country’s diverse population has created a wonderfully vibrant culture that embraces art and traditions from around the world.

5. Education, Education, Education

If you’re thinking of emigrating with a child or continuing your education abroad, Australia has an education system that is undoubtedly the envy of the world. This is a key factor for many parents which is why we have included it in our top 10 reasons to move to Australia. Their accessible, high achieving public school system puts a reassuring emphasis on social and physical development with plenty of learning outdoors.

From nurturing and engaging nurseries to academically ambitious high schools, expat children can flourish in the Australian school system, which is free and accessible to anyone with a permanent visa. Institutions such as the University of Melbourne and the Australian National University rank amongst the best in the world and offer truly challenging and rewarding qualifications for academic expats.

6. Climate Comfort

When faced with another grey, wet weekend, the warm, sunny climate of Australia can seem particularly appealing. As one of the driest continents on Earth, rain will rarely spoil your plans. For many British expats, this will be number one on their top 10 reasons to move to Australia! Australia’s cities are also amongst the sunniest in the world, with many averaging between 8 and 10 hours of blue skies a day.

For those looking for year-round heat, Northern Australia has a tropical climate with warm winters and hot summers. Alternatively, if you’re after a more temperate climate, southern cities have mild winters and summer heat is often tempered by refreshing coastal breezes. Australia’s enviable weather means your big plans for barbecues at the beach and picnics at the park will rarely be rained off.

7. Endless Opportunities to Play and Watch Sport

From swimming clubs enjoying an early dip in the ocean, to the guy at the bar discussing the latest test score, sport is everywhere in Australia. The picturesque landscape and accommodating weather make it a great place to get outdoors and achieve your sporting goals, however modest or ambitious they may be.

From taking a morning jog along one of the thousands of coastal running and cycling paths to learning a brand-new sport (Aussie Rules anyone?), there’s sure to be a sporting activity to tempt you into your training shoes. Australia’s passion for sport is infectious and one of our top 10 reasons to move to Australia. In addition, don’t forget that participating is a great way to make new local friends.

8. Foodie Dreams

If all that sport has you a little peckish, Australia has that covered too with a culinary scene that is as diverse as it is delicious. As a multicultural nation built on influxes of immigration, almost all of Australia’s cities and towns have exciting international food scenes with everything from Thai and Japanese to Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine, there is something for every mood and taste.

If you’re a serious foodie, this factor will no doubt make it into your own top 10 reasons to move to Australia. While the dining style is generally casual and relaxed, you will find serious high-end food in every city from Perth to Cairns. Australia is also surrounded by vast seas and oceans teaming with fish so it is no surprise that delicious seafood is a particular national speciality.

9. No Language Barriers

Although Australia can seem very distant and remote, many British expats find the familiar language and culture reassuring and comforting. The lack of any language barrier in particularly helps English speaking arrivals settle and get on with their new lives Down Under.

We included this in our top 10 reasons for moving to Australia as sharing a language can also be a huge advantage both in finding work and progressing your career and making new friends. From conversing with colleagues to chatting to new friends, you can communicate freely and easily. With no new language to learn, you can focus on enjoying your new home.

10. The most important out of the top 10 reasons to move to Australia – Australians!

Finally, but importantly, it is Australia’s welcoming, friendly inhabitants that help make it one of the happiest and easiest places in the world to be an expat and the last of our top 10 reasons to move to Australia. As a nation well used to immigration from all over the world, you will quickly make new friends who are both accepting of and curious about your exciting status as newly arrived expat. Whether it’s the idyllic landscape or enviable weather, Australia is a relaxed, tolerant nation with plenty to smile about.

For these and countless more reasons (we could easily do another list of top 10 reasons to move to Australia!) is a perfect destination for British expats looking for a new life in the sun. It is hard to fault a country that offers safety and stability as well as sun, sea and sand. If our top 10 reasons to move to Australia have got you reaching for your suitcase, we can help. If you are ready to make the move, have a look at our guide to moving to Australia.

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