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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving to Qatar

Qatar is a country offering many prosperous opportunities. With the high quality of living, excellent healthcare and admirable educational prospects, Qatar can be an extremely welcoming country for expats. The country’s economy has continued to flourish, with oil, banking, financial services, and technology sectors booming over the years.

If you are considering moving to Qatar, you will find that this country is also an excellent destination for expats searching for exciting job opportunities. With many advantages to relocating to the country, Qatar can truly be a fascinating place to reside in.

However, it is important to keep in mind both the advantages, and disadvantages to moving to the country, some of which we will be discussing.

Finding a home in Qatar

When looking to move to Qatar, it is important to find your new home prior to relocating. To ensure your international move is as efficient as possible, it will be ideal to find your next place for living before you hire an international removals company. This is so that your possessions can be safely shipped and delivered to your new address.

Advantages: Searching for houses in Qatar

Expat accommodation in the country is constantly being built, which means that finding your dream home in this captivating country is easy. Most of the accommodation offered in Qatar comprises of complexes, which provide on-site amenities such as gyms, cafés, pools and more.

Disadvantages: Restricted choice of accommodation

Whilst accommodation is continually being constructed, the limitation here is the lack of variety in housing. Qatar is limited to villas and high-rise apartments, which means that finding a specific type of accommodation such as a house, can be challenging.

Lifestyle in Qatar

Qatar is what one makes of it, and with a variety of opportunities for expats to embark on, the country can offer a truly superb quality of life.

Advantages: Social life

The population of the country is small, and the expat community is tight knit. This means that making connections in Qatar can be easy. Boasting first-rate museums, captivating cultural events, striking desert views and a beautiful coastline, Qatar truly does offer a unique array of experiences for expats to uncover.

For expats looking to relocate with their family, you will find that there are many mothering groups and activities for children to partake in. Whilst single expats can also find there are many opportunities to take up a new hobby and throw themselves into all that the country offers.

Advantages: Winter in Qatar

In contrast to the extreme heats of the Summer months, Winters are long and temperate throughout the months of November to April. This period of cooler weather means that expats can enjoy many outdoor activities such as a delightful picnic at the beach with a stunning view of the coastline.

Disadvantages: Extreme Weather in Qatar

Extreme heat throughout the months of June to August makes Qatar often unbearable for majority of the year. During this time, air conditioning is a must, and expats looking to move to the country will find that the Summer period leaves the metros deserted, with natives and expats alike visiting leaving Qatar.

Safety in Qatar

Expats relocating to any country may be concerned about their personal safety, health hazards and overall well-being. Qatar, however, is a country of which is renowned for its low crime rate.

Advantages: Low Crime Rates

New expats arriving in Qatar need not stress about their personal security. The country is renowned for its safety for both men and women alike, with low levels of petty crime.

Disadvantages: Driving in Qatar

Despite Qatar being a relatively safe country, expats can expect the most unsafe place in the country to be the roads. With both expats and locals alike often driving frantically on the roads of Qatar, it will be important for new arrivals to always be vigilant on the roads and follow the law. If these rules are not followed, expats and locals can expect to be given a hefty penalty.

In addition, since many natives and expats choose to drive, traffic on the roads can be anticipated. However, it is important to bear in mind that the country is still developing – and as a result public transport is rapidly advancing, meaning that safer methods of transport are being implemented.

Working in Qatar

There are tight regulations in place for expats looking to doing business in Qatar. For those planning to relocate to Qatar or visit the country for work it is important to note that without a valid work permit (often provided by the employer), you will not be able to work in the country. The visa process is one for expats to prepare for considering the invasiveness of the process.

Advantages: Salaries are relatively high

Extremely skilled expats often have more senior positions, which equivalates to higher salaries and lucrative employment packages. Contracts of employment may even cover accommodation, flights, transport, and education for children, which is a huge incentive. Aside from this, those looking to move to Qatar can expect to pay very few, if any taxes.

Disadvantages: Uncertainty in the job market

Recent times have shown the COVID-19 pandemic to hit hard on the economies of countries around the world, subsequently leading to many companies in Qatar resorting to laying off staff. Whilst the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding job security, expats do make up majority of the country’s population and this does not seem to be changing. With major plans set in place for infrastructural development and economic growth, expats can expect the job market to pick up in the upcoming years.


There are a variety of advantages to moving to Qatar that expats will be able to truly enjoy. From the stunning views of the desert and coastline to the ever-growing career opportunities, the country boasts many unique offerings.

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