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For most of us, relocating to a another country is a once in a lifetime opportunity, where amazing experiences are to be squeezed out of every inch possible. This means that planning and good preparation are key, when it comes to making the most of your new home. We’ve been around the world once or twice, so when it comes to tips to know before you head off – we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out what you need, what you don’t need (the kitchen sink) and how to make the very most of your next adventure….


On Staying Safe….

It’s natural to want to explore as you get used to your new surroundings, but never put yourself into any uncompromising situations and be aware that the legal system, policing and acceptable conducts of behaviour may be very different in the countries you are travelling to. If you can’t open a bank account from abroad, consider arranging a pre-loaded currency card before you go, rather than carrying too much cash. In the event of theft or loss you can get it replaced complete with your full funds for no more than about £10: a much cheaper mistake to make.










On Visitor Etiquette….

A little preparation goes a long way when thinking about how you should behave in another country. Making sure that you have all of the basic customs and traditions nailed before you go exploring, really will save you from any embarrassing, and particularly illegal, situations. If in doubt, always ask – it’s much better to be told you aren’t allowed to enter a religious temple before you go in, than trying to ask for forgiveness afterwards.



On Health….

Vaccinations and insurance: think of these as the two essential pillars to support any successful move. Shopping for sunglasses may be more exciting but you’ll sure be sorry if you spend the first two weeks in a foreign hospital battling a rare illness. A first aid kit containing all of the basic plasters, headache tablets and upset stomach soothers will also be something you use more than once in your first few weeks – we guarantee it. Drink lots of water too- you’ll be surprised at how often illness in warmer climates comes from simple dehydration!


On… Having Fun!

While it’s good to practice the sensible stuff, remember to have fun and take in every moment! So if you do find that you forgot your favourite shoes, or you run out of your usual moisturiser or toothpaste, try not to sweat it. In fact, take it as an opportunity to try something new! In years to come, when you think back on the experience of moving, what will you remember most? Worrying about what you left behind, or where you went, what you saw and how it made you feel?

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From the initial meeting to the pack up John Mason were both friendly and professional. We have already recommended them to friends, we don’t hesitate to recommend them for your move.

Surrey, UK to Auckland, New Zealand - June 2018

My whole experience with John Mason's has been very good, from having Tony surveying till today with the container being packed, I will definitely recommend John Mason to provide removal services.

M.H. South Shields, UK to Perth, Australia – November 2018

Absolutely one of the best movers I have worked with. Pleasant helpful admin staff and the delivery drivers were absolute angels sorting and moving the boxes where I asked them to. Arrived exactly when they said it would.

Selby, UK to Sydney, Australia - September 2019

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