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Moving to Canada? Here’s the kind of hobbies you can look forward to

If you are moving to Canada, then you may currently be trying to think of what you might do over there during your spare time. When you move to a new country, there will be lots of possibilities when it comes to the hobbies that you might choose to pick up, and for this reason it is important to think about a few before you make your final move. This article will take you through some great things that you might want to try, meaning that your new life in Canada is likely to be incredibly exciting, and something that you can look forward to.

Ice Hockey
This is incredibly popular, and is actually Canada’s most popular winter sport. Not only is it great to watch, but there are also lots of chances for you to play, too, with many amateur teams across the country for you to join. Even if you don’t want to play competitively, you have the chance to get involved with the sport and training. Not only can this be great fun, but it is also fantastic exercise, too, which means that you could get in shape for your new life.

Rugby League
Perhaps surprisingly, rugby league is now a sport that is played in Canada – and because of this you have the chance to get involved. This gives you an opportunity to play a game that you may well have watched at home without ever thinking you’d be able to play. And, if you thrive, Toronto Wolfpack is the local team – they even play in the Challenge Cup!

Show off your inner artist
Most of us feel as though we would like to have a go at being artistic at some point, but many of us never have the time to sit back and actually give it a go. Canadians enjoy art – and when you consider the beautiful country that they are surrounded by, this is no surprise. Even if you’re not that good of a painter, it can be wonderful to sit, looking at all of the scenes that are around you, and see just how inspiring that can be to try and translate onto paper.

Collecting things has been shown to be a major hobby in Canada, with coins and stamps being two that top the list. Although you may think that this is something you can do anywhere, it becomes a lot more interesting when you are in a new country, because there will be lots of coins and stamps to collect that you have never seen before, meaning that it will be much more exciting for you to try and grow your collection. A lot of Canadians also try to collect things that are likely to make money if sold in the future, for example wine and sports memorabilia – why not make a little cash from the things that you collect?

Taking up a hobby can be a great thing to do, as it can help you to settle into your new country. Not only this, but some hobbies are also social, meaning that you would be able to meet lots of new people and therefore build up a collection of friends where you live. This can be good, as support is vital when you first move to another country. Hobbies are popular all over the world – and it would certainly seem that Canada has plenty to offer in that respect.

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