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New Zealand

Where Do New Zealanders Go On Holiday?

As a small island in the middle of the Pacific, it’s no great surprise to hear that leaving the country on holiday is rather expensive for New Zealanders. Compared to our European counterparts, we’re not exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to holiday destinations. That being said, nothing will stand between a Kiwi and their well-earned time off. So, where do New Zealanders go on holiday?


This island paradise might seem like an exotic destination to those in the northern hemisphere, but to Kiwis, it’s our handy local(ish) holiday spot. Fiji is closer to New Zealand than Australia at around three hours’ flight time from Auckland. So you can be saying “bula” to the Nadi locals in no time. 

With vibrant blue waters, coral reefs and tropical rainforest, Fiji makes the perfect island holiday destination. And, with accommodation options to suit all budgets, it’s popular with backpackers, families and jet-setters alike.

Bali, Indonesia

Another fantastic island getaway, Bali has long been popular with both New Zealand and Australian tourists, who flock there in the thousands. In fact, pre-COVID, 83,000 Kiwis visited Indonesia per year.

Bali is renowned for its palm-lined beaches, vibrant culture and great surf – the epitome of a sun-soaked holiday destination. While direct flights to Bali take just over nine hours, most flights go via Australia, giving New Zealanders the chance to plan a stopover and enjoy both locations. 


Australia is, without a doubt, the most popular destination for Kiwis holidaying abroad. Before COVID made travel more difficult, almost 1.3 million people travelled from NZ to Australia each year. The highest-ranking holiday spots in Australia are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and, of course, the Gold Coast.

Approximately 670,000 Kiwis currently live in Australia, which is around 15% of New Zealand’s total population. It’s perhaps not surprising then that so many people visit, combining a holiday with a visit to see friends and family.


Despite being much further afield than the other destinations listed, the USA often ranks as the second most visited country by New Zealanders. From music to television, American culture has had a lot of influence in NZ, which is perhaps why it’s such a popular choice for holidays. 

California and Florida are two of the most visited destinations, with a visit to Disneyland or Disneyworld sitting firmly on most families’ “must-do” list.  

And, of course, when the purse strings need tightening, there are a wealth of destinations to explore right here in New Zealand. Whether you’re visiting Queenstown for some thrill-seeking or pitching a tent near the coast, there are plenty of upsides to living in paradise. 

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