Moving to Australia? Check out these top tips for remote job interviews

This week we have a guest blog from Hays Globalink. As a team of London based Recruitment Specialists who have lived and worked in Australia, Hays Globalink is uniquely positioned to assist professionals with their career transition from the UK or Ireland to Australia.

The team has expertise in recruiting across a range of sectors including, Accountancy & Finance, HR, Office Support, Marketing & Digital, IT, Engineering, Trades, Construction and Property.

If you are planning a move to Australia and would like to discuss your job search and the local market prior to departing the UK, please get in touch with our team at

Remote interviews have become increasingly used over the past few years, especially in our world of work, assisting people to progress their job search prior to relocating to Australia. Now in this new world of remote working and video meetings, it’s safe to say that you will face a remote interview at some point in the future.

Job interviews can feel daunting at the best of times, so we have prepared our top tips to help you on your way to a successful remote interview.

1. Test your tech

Whether it be Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, the added element of technology means it is more important than ever to be prepared. Testing the chosen platform the day before with a family member or friend will reduce the risk of a technical issue on the day.

2. Create an interview appropriate space

When setting up your interview space, be mindful of what the interviewer will see behind you. A tidy space ideally in a closed off room to shut out noise and distractions is best. If you can, sit at a desk or table with your device at a suitable height to ensure good posture and easy eye contact with the interviewer.

3. Essential interview preparation

Like with any face to face interview it is important to put in the time to prepare, ideally the day before. Read over your CV to refresh your memory as it is surprisingly easy to forget what is in there from a few jobs ago. If you have a job description use it to cross-reference the key responsibilities with your own experience, bringing front of mind relevant examples.

Familiarise yourself with behavioural questions and practice answering a few using the STAR method below. Behavioural questions are designed to understand how you reacted to and dealt with past situations, so it is important that your answers are tangible and concise, leaving no stone unturned for the interviewer.

Situation – Describe the situation you were faced with.
Task – What did you have to do?
Action – What action did you take and why? Were there any challenges along the way and how did you overcome them?
Results – Highlight the outcome.

Research the company’s website, read up on their vision, core values, careers page etc. It’s likely the interviewer will ask a question to see if you have done your homework.

If you are asked ‘do you have any questions’ during the interview, having a few meaningful questions prepared will demonstrate that you have put thought into the opportunity and are engaged in the process.

4. First impressions

The saying ‘first impressions are lasting impressions’ is especially true when it comes to interviews. In the first few seconds the interviewer will start to form an opinion of you based on punctuality, presentation and body language.

Log on to the chosen platform with plenty of time spare to ensure you are ready to go when the interviewer logs in.

Dress professionally or to suit the business you are interviewing for as you would in a face to face scenario. Dressing professionally can make you feel more confident too and this will certainly come across even in a remote interview.

Body language often says more than words, so it is important to demonstrate positive body language in your interview. Most people don’t enjoy being on camera or talking to a screen, but try not let this affect the way you come across. Maintaining eye contact with the webcam and good posture will show that you are confident and engaged. Natural expressiveness such as hand movements, nods and smiles throughout will demonstrate that you are listening and interested. Overall, it is important not to look frozen or lifeless on the interviewer’s screen.

5. What to have with you during your interview

While it’s important to ensure that there is nothing distracting around you, there is still a few things you will need close by.

– Copy of your CV
– Copy of the job description or the advertisement
– If you need prompts to help you remember key talking points or examples of relevant experience, write a few in easy to read bullet points and stick to one side of the screen or on the wall in front of you
– Pad and pen to make notes
– The questions you have prepared

After your interview we recommend following up with your Recruiter to provide feedback. Let them know that you enjoyed meeting the interviewer, learning about the role and company, confirm your interest in the position and state that you look forward to hearing back.

We hope that you found these tips useful. Follow the link for more helpful information about remote working.

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