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Eight Great Relocation Tips

1. Ask work what assistance you’re entitled to.
If you’re relocating for work, regardless of whether you’re staying with your current job or changing to a new job, always ask what relocation assistance you are entitled to.

It could be money towards moving costs or help finding somewhere to live. They might organise transport or they could have a system in place to help out of town employees settle in.

Don’t ask, don’t get.

2. Hoard packing materials.
If you’re keen to save money on your move, consider hoarding packing materials for as long as you can. Ask for boxes at the supermarket and off licence (these are especially useful as most booze boxes have dividers inside, ideal for separating your glassware or knick knacks).

Root around for old blankets – great for keeping your furniture scuff free in transport and save bubblewrap, newspaper and shopping bags as these will be invaluable when packing.

3. Pack an ‘open first’ box.
If you’re organised, you will pack an essentials box to make the unpacking much easier. Include in this box:

● Coffee/tea
● Cups
● Towels
● Toilet paper

4. Pack a first night box/suitcase to see you through the first 24 hours.
As above, but this box/suitcase is specifically for your first 24 hours. You will arrive in your new home and you won’t want to unpack, you will want to sit down, have a cup of tea, something to eat, put your PJs on and get a good night sleep, ready for tackling the unpacking tomorrow. So include in this box:

● Cups
● Kettle
● Teabags/coffee
● Teaspoon
● Paper plates – order takeout the first night, don’t cook, throw away the plates rather than washup. Be kind to yourself.
● PJs
● Clean pants
● Towel
● Wash kit

5. Clean as you go.
Rather than leave all the cleaning to the last minute and get in a flap about it, do it as you go along. Empty the wardrobe, then clean it out. Pack up the kitchen, wipe down each cupboard as it is emptied. Clear a room, then dust, wipe down and hoover. Shut the door of each room behind you as you go, so you know which is done with.

6. Be ruthless and ditch the junk.
If you’re a secret hoarder, now is the time to get real and ditch any unwanted items. If you haven’t used it in the last year, get rid of it. If you truly need it again you can always find something similar second hand on gumtree or ebay.

If you find you have too much stuff for your new house to hold and you’re considering putting what you can’t take with you into storage, compare the cost of storage vs selling it and buying something similar second hand in the future. Having a spring clean can be beneficial to your mindset and your wallet.

7. Rent don’t buy.
If you don’t know the area you’re moving to, do not buy property there. Give yourself leeway to move around until you find your dream neighbourhood.

8. Have a back up plan.
Of course this plan will work out, why wouldn’t it? But just in case, have a back up plan in your mind. Could you easily find alternative employment? Could you work in a different industry? Could you move back home if necessary?

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