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New Zealand has always been a country with strong ties to Britain, so much so that many British people have made of Auckland, Wellington and other important New Zealand cities their place in the world. With the help of a company experienced in international removals to New Zealand, starting a new life down there can be easier than expected. If you have been  considering this possibility,  John Mason can help . We are backed by years of experience in international removals to New Zealand.

That said, what makes this country so special and attractive? Unfold 10 well known and not-so-well known reasons why you should consider moving to New Zealand.

Multicultural Society

New Zealand is a country of immigrants and, at the same time, the Maori native culture is present in names, arts, customs and tourist experiences. Even though New Zealand is an Europeanized country, it has also many influences from so many places around the world, especially Asian countries. This multiculturalism makes it easier for immigrants to feel at home and be accepted.

Unique Wildlife

Nature lovers find a rich collection of endangered birds that exist nowhere in the world, the most famous of which is the kiwi, followed by the tuis (songbirds with shining plumage adorned by a duet of white baubles at the throat) and keas (alpine parrots with devilish intelligence and barefaced cheek). New Zealand is also the best place to swim with dolphins.

Leading Education System

New Zealand is proud of its strong education system. The OEC report from 2015 showed that 15-year olds in New Zealand scored ahead those in the UK for Maths and Science. The vast majority of New Zealand’s best quality primary and secondary schools are state-run and free.

For higher education, all New Zealand’s universities appeared in the top 500 QS World University Rankings 2015/2016 and 50% appeared in the top 250.

Good Career Prospects and High Prosperity

New Zealand has skill shortages in over 150 occupations, covering construction, engineering, health ICT, science and tourism. Overseas workers are actively sought by employers in skill shortage occupations. The work culture is friendly, professional and very informal. Brits can make the most of the comparably small size of the businesses with less organization layers to navigate and they can also inject their international experience into a local organization.

Relatively Low Cost of Living

Even though many daily costs are similar to the UK, the general cost of living is lower. The tax system is also favourable compared to the UK, with a top rate tax of 45%. The personal tax rate in New Zealand is amongst the lowest in the world with 33%.

Attractive Quality of Life

The quality of life in New Zealand is outstanding. Its high quality of life stems from the

laid-back lifestyle, the friendly Kiwi nature, the positive work-life balance and the short commuting time.

Housing is Spacious

New Zealand hasn’t yet embraced living in flats. New Zealand homes are mostly stand alone single storey residences with their own garden, offering much more space. In general, homes are built to make the most of sunlight.

Small Population

New Zealand is a small country and, with a land area larger than the British one, its 4 million inhabitants definitely have room to breathe, move and be individuals. You can forget about crowded streets with people elbowing each other!

Beautiful Beaches

Most New Zealanders live within 5 km of a beach, which means that they have plenty of time all year round to step on the sand, practice watersports and relax on their wonderful beaches. Beaches in New Zealand are less spoiled, boasting not only pristine white and yellow sand but also the luxuriously soft black volcanic sand. There are rugged beaches that are great for surfers and relaxed ones for swimming and sunbathing.

Great Family Life

Families enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more relaxed outdoors lifestyle. It is a safe place to raise a family too. New Zealand ranks as the fourth safest country in the world, while UK occupies the 39th position according to the 2015 Global Peace Index.

To find out more about international removals to New Zealand check out our ultimate guide to moving to New Zealand.



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