How to Survive the Winter Months in Canada

Canada is an incredibly popular place to emigrate to, and it’s little wonder why. Not only are there plenty of opportunities for jobs, this is also a beautiful country full of friendly locals.

There is one problem when it comes to Canada – the winters! Whereas many of us find a frosty morning of -5 degrees Celsius a little too chilly, in Canada the winters can easily go under -30 degrees Celsius with all the snow.

Don’t let this put you off Canada, though, as the cold is just another day to the locals, and with a few tips to keep warm, you’ll easily survive a Canadian winter:

Make Sure to Layer Up
Surviving your winter months in Canada is more than just investing in a nice jacket. With temperatures this extreme, you need to tackle the cold with various layers to help trap heat into your body and keep you warm.

Start with a base layer, such as thermal underwear or leggings. From here add a second layer such as jeans or special trousers made for snow. You’ll want to wear several pairs of thermal socks and chunky shoes that will keep your feet dry. On your upper body, again go for layers. This should include a base layer, followed by a top or t-shirt, then a hoodie or fleece and top it all off with a good quality jacket.

By layering, you can easily take off or add layers when you’re feeling too warm or cold. Remember to keep your face, head and hands covered when outdoors, too. The chill factor of temperatures that hit minus 30 degrees Celsius can cause frostbite in a matter of minutes. So, remember your hats, scarves and gloves!

Get to Know the Symptoms of Cold-Related Illnesses
Knowing the signs and symptoms of conditions like frostbite and hypothermia, can help ensure you get help quickly if the worst happens. This is also extremely important if you have children.

For hypothermia, look for shivering, weakness and confusion. If you see these symptoms, get yourself or the person in question inside. You should then try to raise your or their temperature gradually and seek medical help.

The skin of those with frostbite will be white or pale grey with a waxy texture. There could also be pain, swelling, numbness or blistering – similar to a burn. Don’t be tempted to apply heat to the affected area, as this can make it worse.

Don’t Stay Outdoors Too Long
Snow and freezing temperatures don’t stop life in Canada, everyone just gets on with their lives as normally as they can. That doesn’t mean you should see all the snow and decide to go on a massive walk, spending hours outdoors.

In these freezing temperatures, outside time should be kept to a minimum as you go from A to B.

Have an Emergency Kit for Your Home and Car
You never know when a power cut or storm might occur, so always prepare for the worst and make sure you have several emergency kits.

For your car, have a pack with blankets, water, a torch and some protein bars. This is essential for if your car breaks down or you get snowed in somewhere – you’ll have provisions to keep you going until help gets there.

In your house, make sure you have plenty of candles, blankets and foods that don’t require electricity to heat. You’ll also want to invest in a heater that runs on gas too.

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