How to Get a Partner Visa for Australia?

A partner visa allows an Australian citizen or permanent resident to live and work in Australia with their foreign spouse or partner. There are in fact two types of partner visas and two visas within each type. Learn more about a partner visa and how to get one here.

The Different Partner Visas
Some couples will be applying for a partner visa from inside Australia because their partner is already present in Australia on a different visa (without a no further stay condition). Other couples will be applying for the visa from outside of Australia. This is an important distinction because there are two different visa streams for each couple.

Once you have chosen the right partner visa stream, there are also two visas within the process. The first visa is a temporary visa that allows the foreign applicant to either continue to reside in Australia or for them to enter Australia temporarily. They will remain on this visa until their application is fully processed and they are awarded permanent residency.

Note, both visas can take significant time to proves, often over a year and a half. The cost for the visa is near $8,000 at the time of writing and it is paid in full on the first visa application.

How Do You Get a Partner Visa for Australia?
To get a partner visa for Australia both applicants will need to tick off certain criteria. Here are the key details:

• The Australian citizen/permanent resident must be of good character and not have applied for a partner visa with another person in the past.
• The spouse or partner must be of good character, which means no criminal record or not have overstayed a visa in the past.
• The relationship must be genuine. If not married, the couple must have either lived together for 12 months or have a registered relationship.

Proving the relationship is genuine and there is a long-term commitment between the two is a necessity. To do this, immigration will expect to see a tenancy agreement in both names, joint bank accounts, relationship statements, declarations from joint friends and family – and possibly even a will. The exact information you supply is down to you, but it should evidence an honest, committed and genuine relationship.

What Might Stop You Getting a Partner Visa?
The two main things that may stop you getting a partner visa for Australia are inconsistencies in the application that make the immigration officer question the genuineness or commitment of the relationship, as well as lying. Both of these will result in a failed application and being denied this visa.

Being denied the visa is serious because it could also prevent you from being granted another visa in the future. Couples may choose to get the help of a migration agent to help them with the process.

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