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Moving Abroad and Generation Y

It is more popular now than it ever has been for people to find work abroad. Those born in the

1980s or 90s are particularly open to working internationally, a recent report finding that by the

time they turn 30 more than half of them will be or will have lived abroad. In fact, Generation Y

consider themselves to be global citizens and are well aware of the benefits working abroad can

present. More than 80% of 21-30 year olds who have already gained experience working

abroad admitted that it had helped to improve their career prospects. So, what is it that’s

pushing Gen Y overseas?


Fewer Barriers

Generation Y has grown up in a world where technology is evolving at a rapid rate, they

understand the impact it has on globalisation and have the experience to embrace it. They have

grown up with the internet, international travel and mobile technology as the norm, so are more

likely to expect and accept moving abroad to further their careers.


More Confidence

For Generation Y travelling abroad is nothing out of the ordinary and they generally have far

more confidence when it comes to working internationally. With more companies expanding

across the water, today’s youngsters are prepared and confident to follow them for a more

prosperous career.


Highly Motivated

Now, more than ever, our youngsters are completely career driven, highly motivated and

ambitious, which means moving abroad is not a barrier, but an exciting opportunity. They want

to experience new markets and gain global experience. This is becoming more important than

financial reward.


Access to Jobs Further Afield

Both Generation Y and the employers seeking them are utilising the internet to help expand

their companies. Youngsters expecting to be able to work abroad at some point are now able to

find the jobs they want via the internet. Whereas once expats would have had to get to grips

with their new home once there, Gen Y can find out everything they need to know and even

meet locals online before leaving!


Organisations are now striving to offer Generation Y global opportunities, and there are more

prospects than ever before waiting abroad. If you’re planning a relocation, browse our blog for

further information.

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