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What to Take When You Move to Australia

Over the last three decades, it is estimated that 30,000 British nationals move to Australia to live each year. There are lots of reasons why they are heading down under, from the climate and laid-back lifestyle to the significantly higher wages.

What you don’t hear about is the stress and headaches that come with moving to a new house on the other side of the world. One of the biggest questions that soon-to-be expats face is what should they take with them?

Should You Take Electrical Appliances and White Goods?
Some of those moving to Australia will be heading to a new job. They may be doing a similar job to what they did in the UK, but no doubt their new wage will have increased significantly. Australians enjoy some of the highest wages in the world, but they also experience a higher cost of living.

Electrical items and white goods of the same quality in Australia can cost a lot more than they do in the UK or elsewhere. For that reason, it is often more economical to ship these items to Australia rather than buy new upon arrival. Both countries use 230v electrical systems and electricians can swap the plugs of these items to make them fit Australian sockets.

Moreover, unlike tenancies in the UK, those renting in Australia are often expected to bring their own washing machines and fridges. This is just another reason to choose to ship goods to Australia rather than purchase more expensive ones when you arrive.

What About Gardening Equipment?
The same logic applies to gardening equipment. Lawnmowers and similar items can be much more expensive than they are in the UK. However, Australia also has a strict policy and does not allow items to enter the country that have dirt on them, such as soil.

Your gardening equipment will need to be thoroughly cleaned before being shipped to Australia. If it is not, the items may be confiscated and even destroyed.

Family Pets: A Tough Decision
For some people, the thought of leaving without their family pet is just unthinkable. Yet, some families recognise the struggle of taking their four-legged friend with them. Most animals have to spend a significant amount of time in quarantine upon arrival, often stretching over many months.

Although this is necessary to protect the eco-systems of Australia, some find it an unfortunately cruel process for the animal, and they may even leave quarantine with behavioural problems.

Consider the age of your pet before making a decision to move them with you, especially if there is a friend or family member willing to love them in their later years just as much as your immediate family does.

For further assistance on what to take to Australia and helping you navigate the rules and regulations, speak with our friendly team, today!

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