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Five Foods You Need to Try When Moving to Australia

It’s natural when moving to a new country to feel nervous. This is, after-all, a massive change for both you and your family, and while we can put you at ease when it comes to getting all your belongings there safe and well, there’s one worry that isn’t as simple.

Will you like the food?

Food is an incredibly comforting and enjoyable thing in our lives, so when you move to a new country it can feel like a sort of break-up with some of your national dishes.

This needn’t be the case when it comes to a move to Australia, though, as this country is home to some seriously tasty treats. Here are just five of the country’s famous wares that you need to put on your shopping list:

If you’re going to enjoy a traditional Australian breakfast, then expert to see Vegemite on the menu. Something which can scare people new to the country, as this potent yeasty spread is far from your regular Nutella or sweet marmalade.

Many of us believe the British classic Marmite and Vegemite to be similar in taste – and we all know that marmite has a notorious love/hate vibe – but are two controversial spreads similar?

Well not really, Vegemite is much lighter in colour and salty to taste, whereas Marmite has a stickier molasses feel. Think of Vegemite like a really thick soy sauce paste, rather than anything you’d consider to be sweet like a jam. In fact, once you get over the fact that Vegemite is a savoury spread, it makes it far easier to like it.

Traditionally, the spread is enjoyed on toast either with or without butter. However, if you want to raise your vegemite game up, enjoy it on a grilled cheese sandwich with some tomato.

Fairy Bread
If you find Vegemite to be a strange concept, wait till you hear about Australia’s favourite kid snack – fairy bread!

Fairy bread might sound like some complicated kitchen bake worthy of Gordon Ramsay; however, fairy bread is actually very simple. All this Australian-classic consists of is a slice of white bread, which is spread with butter or margarine and topped with sprinkles.

Don’t knock it until you try it, though, fairy bread is adored by children in Oz and if your kids are having a birthday party with friends, it’s a must. You might be surprised at just how tasty it is too!

Aussie Meat Pies
If there’s anyone who could possibly beat the British on meat pies, then it’s Australia. Indeed, the famous Aussie meat pies are so tasty that they’re worth emigrating for.

You’ll find a pie shop on just about every corner in Australia, each selling newly baked meat pies in an array of delicious flavours. Most pies tend to have a mix of meat, vegetables and gravy or be a mix of meat and cheese.

Best eaten hot straight out the shop, these pies are seriously addictive and you’ll find yourself craving one every lunchtime.

If there’s one Aussie-favourite food that many of us can be squeamish about, it’s often kangaroo. Perhaps it’s from watching too much Skippy when we were younger, or the fact that as tourists we visit zoos to take pictures of the cute kangaroos. Whatever the reason, many of us like to avoid eating kangaroo.

Kangaroo meat, though, is a stable in Australian homes as, being a lean red meat, it’s a healthy and often cheap addition to our diets. Very versatile, kangaroo is often used for burgers, sausages and steaks. You can even find kangaroo nachos in the odd restaurant!

For fans of elevenses or a sweet treat in the afternoon, the idea that Australia might not have your go-to Tunnock’s Teacake or scone can be a deal-breaker. Fear not, for Australia is home to the lamington; a cake so delicious, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the big move earlier.

Traditionally, a lamington is a sponge cake that is covered in a chocolate sauce and then rolled in desiccated coconut. You can also get variations of the cake where it’s cut in half with a layer of cream and jam in the middle. Either way, a lamington is delicious with a cup of tea.

What’s the food actually like? Australian Food vs UK Food

Worried that you’ll miss the food when you move? Join ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ finalist and TalkRadio presenter Iain Lee for a special Blind Tucker Challengeand find out which nation’s food is the best, in this video where the UK and Australia go head-to-head to be the food champion.

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