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Helping Your Children Cope With Relocation

If you thought making the decision to move abroad was tough, try putting yourself in your children’s shoes. They more than likely didn’t get to make the decision and are simply being asked to uproot without having any say. Relocating might well be difficult for you, but it is crucial that you do everything you can to help your children to cope and better understand your reason for moving. You’re going to need to make sure you prepare them for what’s coming and for what they will be leaving behind if you want them to adjust to their new environment as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Despite the possible obstacles, giving your children the experience of relocating can be one of the most exciting and educational things you can do for them. We’ve compiled this list of helpful top tips to help make the experience as positive as possible. Here’s our guide to helping your children cope with relocation: 

Be honest

If you want your children to truly understand your reason for moving, you must be honest with them. Carefully explain as best you can your reason for moving, not forgetting to remind them just how much excitement waits ahead. You’ll need their understanding if you want to feel comfortable about your relocation.

Plan goodbyes

It’s important you remain positive for your children, even if you’re having doubts yourself. Celebrate your move by throwing a goodbye party or dinner for your children and their friends. Help them to say goodbye properly and enjoy it too!

Help with the language

If you’re moving to a place where a foreign language is spoken, you must do your best to help your children learn. They’ll fit in far easier and quicker if they at least learn the basics, it will help them to feel more confident and comfortable in their new surroundings.

Happy father and mother looking at camera while piggybacking their son and daughter. Happy young family of four playing in their backyard on a sunny day.

Support their social life

It can be daunting parting with your children for the first time in a new country, but you must trust them allow them to explore on their own. Encourage them to attend after school activities and meet new friends!

Keep in touch

It’s likely your children will be leaving behind close family and friends that they will undoubtedly miss. Whilst you want them to focus on making a new life, it’s important they remember their roots and keep in touch with those they love, so make sure you help them to do so. Allow time to Skype friends or phone loved ones – even if it means they’re a little late to the dinner table!

Remember that relocating as a family is an exciting adventure for everyone so make sure to enjoy it and make the most of the journey.

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