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Great reasons for moving abroad with family

According to the You Gov and Lloyds Bank’s ‘Family Futures Survey’, 38% of parents would consider moving their family abroad. This marks a clear shift amongst families towards seeing emigration as a great opportunity not only for them, but for their partners and children. Whilst individual decisions are, of course, made on particular circumstances and situations, the survey revealed several reasons that expat life is increasingly appealing to many families;


Achieving a better Quality of Life

67% of those who said they would consider taking their family abroad stated that improving their quality of life was a key incentive. Many with children clearly see relocating as a chance to redress their work-life balance, experience a better climate and perhaps be more financially secure, all of which can be beneficial for families.

Experiencing a Different Culture

The chance to immerse your family in an entirely different culture is a chance many could not miss. 59% of those who would consider the move said the idea of expanding their children’s horizons and making their family more globally aware was a great incentive.

Bringing the Family Closer together

Another important incentive for 53% of people who would consider moving abroad with family in tow was bringing them closer together. This demonstrates that many see how moving to a different country can help you bond with family by spending more time together and having an exciting shared experience.

And There’s More…

Among the many other advantages to moving abroad with a family, some also felt emigrating would give them better access to healthcare and education. These are naturally essential requirements for anyone with youngsters, and moving abroad can open up different options for both schooling and healthcare.

Of course, moving abroad with family can be stressful and complicated and there are many questions parents must ask themselves before making the leap: what will we do for work? Where will my children go to school? What are the cultural and language barriers we may experience? How will my family cope with being moved away from their friends? However, what this survey shows is that today families are finding it easier to face these questions and feel there is more support. We can help with some of the more practical issues, such as help researching schools, investigating potential destinations and deciding what to take with you.

One of the most interesting statistics from the survey is that 45% of those who would relocate stated that they saw having a family as a motivation to move abroad rather than a reason to stay. It is clear that more and more are seeing the benefits of expat life for both themselves and their families. A new life abroad can be rewarding, exciting and enlightening for expats, their partners and their offspring.

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Thank you and everybody involved, you are an excellent team and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

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Thanks Suzanne for all your help – it’s not easy trying to sort things out from such a long distance away and you’ve been superb! Thank you!

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