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Top 9 Reasons You Might Want To Retire To Australia

With retiring abroad becoming more and more popular over the years, it means you have a healthy choice of countries to pick from but below are the top 9 reasons why Australia might be one of the options.


1. Weather

Naturally, the weather was going to somewhere in the list, who wouldn’t say no to spending their days by a villa soaking up the sun? Don’t get us wrong the weather can be a little hot during the summer months but it does cool down during the remaining months, plus literally everywhere is has air-con!

2. Money

There are a number of financial benefits when it comes to savings/pensions and especially tax, which is well worth looking in to.

3. Relaxation

After years and years of working hard work, you deserve to spend your days with your feet up, soaking up the warm weather and lets face it, this isn’t something that can often be achieved in the U.K!

4. Standard of Living

This does depend on where you choose to live but on the whole the standard of living can be much better in Australia with the climate and the outdoor lifestyle. Australia boasts huge national parks, open spaces and beaches.

5. Culture

Well why not absorb other cultures now you’re not working? Although in many ways Australia is similar to the U.K there are plenty of cultural traditions to learn about!

6. Healthy Living

Many find themselves leading a healthier lifestyle simply down to the fact fresh and often organic produce is widely available and enjoyed.

7. Shopping

The shopping malls especially in Australia are a shoppers’ paradise and even if you’re not much of a shopper they’re well worth visiting just to have a walk around.

8. Explore

With plenty of free time on your hands and a whole new environment on your doorstep it is the perfect time to go out and get exploring from places of interest to tasting local foods.

9. Entertainment

Whilst on the topic of exploring you might as well spend your days being entertained to which isn’t hard with incredible beaches, golf courses, restaurants and markets all waiting for you.

So there’s the top 9 reasons you might want to retire to Australia and whether you’re thinking about doing it yourself or have got the ball rolling and started preparing feel free to contact us here at John Mason as international shipping is our speciality!


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