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Expatriate Destinations

5 Cool Expat Destinations

We’ve all dreamed of packing our bags and leaving the daily grind behind for softer sands and later alarms, but how many of us actually will?

The Telegraph suggests that 400 Brits are fleeing the UK every single day and with a look at these top 5 super-cool destinations, it’s a wonder we’re not all reaching for our flip flops.




We’re not going to say that Sushi is the only reason Japan is such an amazing place to live, but it’s definitely up there. The great thing about Japanese food is that it’s as healthy as it is delicious, so people who move there gain the best of both worlds. Japan also offers exceptional healthcare, travel opportunities and local culture in abundance. More importantly, it’s a place where the culture is distinctly Eastern but comes with many Western home comforts. As a result, it’s possible to learn something new, wonderful or weird nearly every day – without having to stray too far from your comfort zone.


Czech Republic


Just a short flight away from the UK, Prague offers all the stability of Europe while retaining a hint of fun and exotism that makes it a cool place to migrate to. With some of the best beer in the world, it’s impossible not to feel at home.




If you’ve been feeling the pace at work recently, you might want to consider a move to Northern Eurasia. Russia prioritises work-life balance and places enjoying a social life and time with friends as the utmost importance. This also means that entertainment and entertaining, is something that’s expected both in work and personal life, with clubs, bars and luxury saunas called banyas, part and parcel of everyday life . Russians tend to have a live-for-today attitude that’s almost impossible not to get swept up in – just make sure that you’re ready for it.




When we think of emigrating, Australia is often the first destination that comes to mind. Soft white beaches, a paired back attitude to life and a lack of language barrier, are all reasons why settling in there seems like it would be easy. It’s the type of place where standard of living is high and jobs plentiful, but where you can also find yourself on the beach, doing Yoga with the chance to take in the little things that make life great.




Bali was always considered an exotic getaway, somewhere to explore but not stop. Luckily this has changed and many Expats are finding themselves making the most of the exoticism of Southeast Asia as a place to work and live. Because of the laid-back culture, you can wake up one morning in Bali and decide to explore any one of a hundred near-by cities, as unlike the UK or US, a spontaneous trip won’t break the bank or require months of planning.

Moving away is a big life change, but no matter where you go, you can be sure of a great adventure. If you are still debating whether or not to become an Expat than ponder this; if we were meant to stay in one place forever wouldn’t we have roots instead of legs?

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