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Best ways to stay in touch with family when you move abroad

One of the main things that you may worry about when you move abroad is being able to keep in touch with those friends and family who you leave behind. If this is something that you are worrying about at the moment, then the good news is that technology is on your side. Thanks to the fact that there are now so many options for keeping in touch, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to talk to people as and when you need to. This article will give you some great tips about the best ways to stay in touch with those back home, which means that they – and you – don’t need to miss out on anything at all.

Set up a simple mailing list
If you have news, then you will want to share it with family and friends as soon as you possibly can. For this reason, it is great to be able to send it to everyone at once, and a mailing list is great for this. So, if your child passes an important exam, or you get a new pet, and you would like to let everyone know, you will simply be able to send a message to your mailing list, and everybody will be up to date.

Phone via Skype or Facebook Messenger
Depending on which country you are moving to, you may find that calling from an actual phone costs far too much money to be able to do regularly. So, it might help to download Skype or Facebook Messenger, both of which allow you to either voice or video call for free providing you’re connected to a Wi-Fi spot. This means that you will be able to chat whenever you like, for no charge – which is a huge improvement when compared with previous decades.

Upload photos via Facebook and Instagram
If you’ve moved away, then people will want to keep up to date with everything that you are getting up to. For this reason, it is good to upload photos as and when things happen, as this means that people will be able to see them in real time. Not only this, but posting them in this way gives people a chance to get in touch and have a chat about what you’ve been up to, which is a great thing to do.

Write a traditional letter
Although not many people do this in the modern day, nothing is nicer than getting a handwritten letter from someone you love. If you have close family who you have left behind, this can be a great way to stay in touch, and you can include things like photos, or drawings and messages from your children, which they will really enjoy reading. This can be good, too, because it means that you will get something back, which will then give you a physical link with home – which you may have been missing.

In the modern day of technology, the great news is that although you may be many miles away, you will still be able to get in touch with people in just a matter of seconds, which is great. It gives you a real chance of staying in touch and keeping up to date with what everyone is up to – and this means that you are more likely to settle into your new life without missing your old one too much.

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