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About Bahrain

The beautiful group of islands that make up Bahrain stretch across the Gulf Coast, from Saudi Arabia to Qatar.
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Moving to Bahrain

The main island is home to the majority of its 1.2 million inhabitants who enjoy a buoyant economy and idyllic surroundings. Bahrain has one of the lowest levels of non-nationals in the gulf, more than half the population were born abroad. The country is, therefore, increasingly welcoming to expats and with more and more Britons moving to Bahrain, English is now widely spoken.As the gulf coast region as a whole tries to move away from its reliance on South Asian labour, the demographic profile is slowly changing. There are already well over 100,000 European expats living in Bahrain and the figure is rising year on year.

Employment and Wealth

Bahrain was the first of the gulf countries to discover oil and as such has one of the strongest and most established economies in the area as well as world class infrastructure and facilities.

Today, however, the country’s wealth is not reliant on the oil industry as areas such as finance, business services, technology and construction continue to thrive. While many large companies are trying to ensure as much of their workforce as possible is made up of local Bahrainis, there are still excellent opportunities for expats.

There is no income tax in Bahrain and salaries can be extremely competitive leaving most expats fairly well off and able to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle and the excellent shopping the country offers.

Travel Prospects

At the heart of the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is perfectly placed to explore the jewels of the Middle East. Dubai is just an hours flight away and, with a warm climate and a dazzling array of attractions, is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

For a bit of culture, head to one of Europe’s ancient cities, Athens and Istanbul are both around four hours away by plane. The vibrant metropolis of Mumbai is also under four hours away and well worth a visit.

Further afield, there are direct flights to Thailand and Singapore from where you explore the spectacular beauty and incredible cuisine of South East Asia. For the super adventurous, Kathmandu, at the heart of Nepal, is around seven hours flight from Bahrain and a great place to start a once-in-a-lifetime Himalayan expedition.

When you have to make the occasional trip back to Blighty, London is a very manageable seven hours away, so you’ll be home and back in no time at all.

How easy is it to move there?

In order to live and work in Bahrain you will need a work visa which you can obtain once you have a confirmed job offer. You can travel to Bahrain short term on a tourist visa to explore opportunities or establish contacts, but many use a recruiter or agency in the UK to find a job.

Your employer will also act as your sponsor and help you apply for a residency visa, they may even be able to give you advice on more practical issues such as finding accommodation. If you’re moving to Bahrain with a spouse and/or dependent children, they will also be able to apply for residency visas providing you can prove a firm job offer and income. Then all that’s left is to do is work out what to pack!

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