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Shipping to Singapore

International Shipping Services to the Republic of Singapore
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If you are moving to Singapore, contact us for further advice and information and to arrange your pre-move survey and consultation.

Import Regulations for Singapore


You can import your used household furniture effects into the country duty free, providing that you import within six months of your official arrival in Singapore.

You have an employment pass (or copy of your employment pass application and sponsor letter). Customs clearance can take place without this but GST Relief will not be available.

If the above conditions are not applicable, GST will be due on the declared value of the shipment upon arrival in Singapore, the current rate is 7% of shipper’s declared used value of goods. The ‘used value’ rather than the insured value is used for the GST assessment.

The shipper’s presence in Singapore is not needed for customs clearance as long as all paperwork has been completed correctly and a copy of the shipper’s passport has been provided.

Singapore Nationals or Permanent Residents

GST relief is applicable if all household goods are for personal use only. In addition, it is required that the owner has lived overseas for more than six months. Proof of employment outside of Singapore will be required for Customs procedures (e.g. work visa, resident visa, immigration endorsements).

Shipping to Singapore

All inbound shipments to Singapore are physically inspected by Customs Authorities. Tabacco and alcohol will be subject to customs duty, currently at the rate of 7%. If you are shipping alcohol, your Move Manager will provide a Declaration Form for you to complete.

Data Protection when Shipping to Singapore

Due to the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA), the completion of a privacy consent form is required. This will be provided to you prior to your arrival in Singapore.

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Some of our Customer Reviews

Thank you and everybody involved, you are an excellent team and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

J.D. Liverpool, UK to Toronto, Canada -
July 2016

My whole experience with John Mason's has been very good, from having Tony surveying till today with the container being packed, I will definitely recommend John Mason to provide removal services.

M.H. South Shields, UK to Perth, Australia – July 2016

Thanks Suzanne for all your help – it’s not easy trying to sort things out from such a long distance away and you’ve been superb! Thank you!

C.H. Warrington, UK to Edmonton, Canada - August 2016

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