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Shipping to Australia FAQ

Please see below for the answers to a number of frequently asked questions relating to removals and shipping to Australia...
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Shipping to Australia FAQ

What are the main items which I can and cannot ship to Australia?

  • As a general rule, foodstuffs should be avoided if possible but if you do plan to take food with you, contact your Move Manager for advice on the implications and for a list of restricted food items for Australia.
  • Alcohol is generally expensive to ship due to high customs duty and taxes in Australia. If you do plan to take alcohol, we will require a list of each bottle including details such as % alcohol volume. We will provide an Alcohol Declaration form for you to complete.
  • Wicker / Cane items such as baskets and chairs are likely to be inspected and sent for fumigation if considered by Australian quarantine officers to be a risk to Australia’s natural environment.
  • Untreated wood items should not be included in your shipment. Paint or varnish any untreated wood before shipping or do not bring the items with you.

How can I prepare my household items before moving to Australia?

All of your outdoor items must be prepared prior to moving to Australia. Any item which has been in contact with the outdoors / mud / dirt, must be spotlessly clean before shipping. This applies to items such as bikes, garden tools, golf clubs, sports equipment, garden furniture and children’s outdoor play equipment among others.

We recommend firstly washing the items with soapy water to remove visible dirt and then disinfecting the items with a product such as Jeyes fluid or Zoflora.

The soles of your shoes must also be cleaned.  A good tip is to use an old toothbrush and a product such as Milton sterilising fluid  to clean the soles.

Can I ship gardening equipment to Australia?

It is possible to include gardening equipment but it must be cleaned and disinfected as above. Lawn Mowers must be drained of fuel before shipping and thoroughly cleaned also.

Can I bring my tool box with me to Australia?

If you have a tool kit for personal or work use, this can be included in your shipment provided that all tools are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before shipping.

Please advise your moving company if you are taking a tool box so that we can check the weight of the tool box (this is necessary in order to comply with health and safety requirements).

Can I include candles in my shipment?

We would advise not to ship candles if possible as beeswax is a prohibited / restricted item and therefore an item of concern to Australian quarantine inspectors, possibly resulting in a longer quarantine inspection for your shipment.

In addition, candles are at risk of melting during transit. If you do wish to take candles, please place them inside a tupperware or plastic container to prevent leakage.

Can I bring Christmas decorations into Australia?

Christmas decorations are often made of pine cones, holly, bark and other natural materials. These items could carry a pest or disease threat and therefore would therefore be considered as items of concern to Australian quarantine.

If you require any further clarification on the above or if you have other questions regarding your move to Australia, please don’t hesitate to contact us for free advice and information. 

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