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Visas for Australia – Working and Skilled Visas

There are 21 different working and skilled visas in Australia.  Here are the most common ones that people apply for.

GSM Worker Visas – Skilled Migration Visas
There are two different classes of Skilled Migration Visa – Skilled Independent and Skilled Nominated.   The Skilled Independent Visa (189) is for those people who haven’t been sponsored by a company, individual, State or Territory.  The Skilled Nominated Visa (190) is for those people who have been sponsored.  Both visas, if granted, give the holder Permanent Residence in Australia which can lead to citizenship within 4 years.

To be granted a Skilled Migration Visa, you first need to lodge an Expression of Interest to see if you are eligible for the visa.  If it’s decided that you are eligible, you will be given an invitation to apply, which you must do within 60 days of receiving your invitation.

Applicants for this visa need to be between 18 and 44 years of age and have excellent English language skills.  The applicant will undergo a skills assessment which will take his/her educational achievements and work experience into account.  Your occupation must be listed on the Skilled Occupation List or it won’t be considered.   Applicants must have the required number of points to be considered for this visa.

Permanent Employer Sponsored Programme
This is a visa where an employer sponsors an overseas employee so he/she can remain in Australia.  The employer, amongst other things, must prove that the job cannot be filled by an Australian and that training for that particular position is not available within the company.  The major occupational groups are tradespeople and related workers, managers and administrators, professionals and associate professionals.

The employee must be under the age of 45, have vocational English language abilities and pass a medical.  There are various criteria that need to be met by both the employer and employee to ensure that this visa is granted.

Investment Visas and Business Owner Visas
Investing in Australia can also lead to permanent residence.  By investing a minimum of $5 million over a period of 4 years, you can be eligible for permanent residence.

People who have owned or operated a business in Australia for a minimum of two years, can apply for a Business Owner Visa which gives them permanent residence.  They must hold an eligible visa and have been in Australia on that visa for at least 12 months in the two years prior to their application.

Family Visas
There are various visas which allow overseas family members to join their loved ones in Australia.

Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa
The Australian government are introducing a 5 year visa for parents of offspring who are Australian citizens, permanent residents or New Zealand citizens.  This visa is also renewable for another 5 years on expiry.  The adult offspring sponsoring their parent will pay AU$10,000 per parent and be responsible for all costs, including medical.

Parent Visas
Children can bring their parents to Australia permanently as long as the many criteria are met.  It is a very expensive process – AU$105,000 for both parents, plus AU$10,000 bond per parent to cover medical costs.

Child Visas
Dependent children can always join their parents in Australia.  Non-dependent children must get a visa in their own right.

Partner Visas
This visa is for fiancées, spouses and de-factor or same sex partners.  The Australian government require solid evidence that the relationship is genuine.

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