Infographic: Leaving Blighty – the who, where and why?

Infographic: Leaving Blighty – the who, where and why?

With so many people moving overseas in recent years, combined with recent news about British people leaving the UK to go and live abroad, we thought that it would be a great idea to do a little bit of investigating ourselves to identify the national trends and to find out just why people are leaving the United Kingdom.

From our own experience, we have found a large increase during 2011 / 2012 in moves to Australia, particularly Western Australia where there is currently a demand for economic migrants to work in the mining industry. Furthermore, we have noticed a lot of construction workers in the UK moving to New Zealand due to demand for this type of employment for the rebuilding of Christchurch after the earthquake in 2011.

From our own research and talking to our customers, work seems to be the primary push factor for moving abroad, this observation correlates with the statistics below.

We have also looked at national statistics to find out where the majority of people are emigrating to, just how long they intend to leave for and where in the UK they are leaving from.

Of course, there are many documented benefits of leaving the United Kingdom for places such as Australia, Canada and the United States.

Australia for example, has a very high standard of education. As for Canada, you can find it in 6th place of the happiest places to live according to the UN; not a bad place if you note that there a total of 187 countries surveyed.

As for the United States, it comes in at 5th on the happiness scale and has a life expectancy of 78.5 years, though that may be just two years short of the UK average, the opportunities are certainly healthier, with the average income reigning in around US$43,017 (potentially more if you move to the country already with a prospective job in hand).

But what else is there to see? Take a look below to find out just why people are leaving the United Kingdom for dreams of living abroad.

Many thanks to The World Bank, the Migration Observatory and the Office for National Statistics for Providing us with this data. You are free to circulate and share this infographic so long as credit is given to this website.

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